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‘I cannot type anything’- Girlfriend of lynched comedian cries out

Lagos-based comedian, Chinedu Paul, aka Think Twice, was identified as one of the three persons mistaken for members of the Badoo cult and lynched on Saturday by angry Ikorodu residents.The comedian’s girlfriend, Esther Demshak, is yet to recover from the shock of his brutal murder.

TheNewsGuru reports that residents, who were keeping vigils, had identified a Honda C-RV with three inhabitants at about 2 am on Saturday in the Odogunyan area.They supposedly found in the vehicle some quantities of diesel and a big stone, usually used by Badoo members to smash the heads of their victims. After intense explanations, the community vigilantes, who were not contented with their clarifications, set them ablaze together with the car.

Demshak the girlfriend of the deceased has been mourning ever since she heard the sad news. She took to her Facebook page to pay him tributes and shared pictures of the cherished moments they shared together.

She wrote: “I can’t type anything because my hands are frozen. Thank you, Jesus. Baby, I love you. I will still tag you because I always tag you in all my posts, Chinedu Paul.

She added after sharing a picture he shared earlier on the day he was gruesomely murdered

Baby u posted this in the morningU got back home just to see ur life taken.U said u have a gift for me before u went to fix our car

Don’t worry, I came to collect the gift at Odogunyan.Don’t explain to me again, I understandI love u, baby.”


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