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Nathaniel Bassey debunks involvement in ghastly auto- crash

Renowned Gospel artiste and convener of Halleluyah Challenge, Nathaniel Bassey has debunked news that he was involved in a  ghastly accident on the 28th of June  on his way from the Halleuyah Festival, a concert held to wrap off the Halleuyah Challenge.

The singer who suffered intense criticism during the challenge said bloggers twisted someone else’s testimony just to gain traffic. Bassey made this statement on his social media handles.

*770# Mobile

According to him:”Please ignore any fake news about an accident. Bloggers have twisted someone’s testimony just to gain traffic. At least you can now note those with fake news and stay off them” he wrote.





When Nathaniel Bassey started his Halleluyah Challenge, an Instagram Live vigil where over 70,000 viewers worship and praise God  from12am to 1pm, many naysayers thought it was another viral fad.

From the immense attention It got, this challenge can be likened to filling Eko Convention Center ten times over with a Bassey acting as the presiding Bishop. With a handheld mobile phone, participants of the Halleluyah Challenge log on to Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram handle to get live feeds from the service.


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