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Nathaniel Bassey:”I am not under pressure to sustain Halleluyah Challenge”

When Nathaniel Bassey started his Halleluyah Challenge, an Instagram Live vigil where over 70,000 viewers worship and praise God  from12am to 1pm, many naysayers thought it was another viral fad.

From the immense attention It has gotten so far, this challenge that has been called a revival amongst Christians can be likened to filling Eko Convention Center ten times over with a Bassey acting as the presiding Bishop. With a handheld mobile phone, participants of the Halleluyah Challenge log on to Nathaniel Bassey’s Instagram handle to get live feeds from the service.

UBA Wise savers

No one saw this coming from the Ankara wearing Nathaniel Bassey who would pass for a committed usher in a Pentecostal church. Without the flamboyance of a Sammy Okposo or the energy of Midnight Crew, Bassey passionately shows up from the day it kicked off on 1st of June to the present, like a sheep being led by the shepherd, ready to sing the praises of his master.

The award winning trumpeter and gospel artiste was recently quizzed about the Halleluyah Challenge and he had a lot to say.

According to him:”I was surprised when high profile people joined in the Halleluyah Challenge. It just goes to show an expression, the desire of the people. Don’t forget this is coming on the background of economic recession, and depression. A few weeks ago, who would have thought we would be discussing suicide in Nigeria? The Halleluyah Challenge has provided a platform for hope and for people to believe again, sing again and dance again. We have heard testimonies of healings and breakthroughs. At first I was surprised and looking at the move of God, I wasn’t surprised”

On having the desire to sustain the movement that has spread like wild fire, the soft spoken Evangelist said:”I have always said I am not under any pressure to perform, the instruction was to praise God for 30 days . I have learnt over the years to live life without pressure.I am not going to brand this or register this as a trade mark .When I am done with this, I will focus on my music and pastoring our youth church .I am not under any pressure to sustain it. When there is another God Idea, we will job on it. For now we just enjoy the ride”.



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