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‘We were not just good for each other’- Toke Makinwa talks about failed marriage

Despite the emotional trauma Toke Makinwa allegedly experienced when married to Maje Ayida, the flamboyant media personality  has refused to blame Maje Ayida for the failure of the marriage.

Recall that Toke Makinwa’s book, On Becoming, caused a media storm where she accused Maje of infidelity and negligence.

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Makinwa recently opened up about her failed marriage in an interview with Anele Mdoda, a South-African presenter.

Hear her: “I never saw myself in a bad marriage because even upon till the very last day I was married, it was like a journey.

“I was never of the thought that my marriage is so bad, I was not feeling bitter, he is flawed, I am flawed, we are just probably trying to exist, so he came with his own baggage, I came with my own baggage and we probably are not just meant to be together” she said.

Watch the video below


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