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Sex scenes now convincing in Nollywood movies-Shirley Ofou

Vivacious Nollywood actress, Shirley Ofou has stated that sex scenes in Nollywood are now convincing compared to the days of yore. The actress who has acted in movies like Coming to Lagos, Family and Friends, Wanted Girls amongst others said she will be a hypocrite If she says there is no improvement in the way sex scenes are being portrayed in Nollywood.

She made this declaration in an exclusive chat with TheNewsGuru.

Hear her:”Before now, Nollywood sex scenes were not portrayed well. All you see those days were clothes on the floor which indicates that sex had taken place. These days there is a little bit of improvement. You will actually believe actors are having sex for real. We are trying, we will get there” she said.


When asked If she has ever been a victim of casting-couch, the voluptuous actress said: ”I have been invited, but I turned it down. A certain guy in the industry called me and told me to meet him up somewhere, adding that he misses me. I told him, he cannot miss me because he hasn’t even met me.


“The dude called me again, five minutes later inviting me to come meet him at a place. It was at that moment I knew it was becoming something else. I  was not part of the movie and I stopped picking his calls” she revealed.


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