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5 New ways to spice up your sex life this weekend

Whether it’s romantic, raunchy, or somewhere in between, these tried-and-true tricks will instantly make your sex life hot again.

See 5 ways to boost your sex life this weekend below…

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  1. Set the scene

Sometimes you need a little extra something to get in the mood. So just do all the things that feels like it’s going to lead to sex — dim the lights, light candles, play romantic music, put on lingerie. If you are feeling adventurous, you may even take out a sex toy or say “I want to try a new game for some added fun.”

  1. Take it slow

Rather than jumping right into sex, sometimes you need to slow things down. Spend a lot of time making out like teenagers, then go on to foreplay before finally moving to sex.

It builds up a lot of anticipation and obviously draws things out, so it feels really sexy.

  1. Have naked Sundays

Clear the schedule, stock up on favourite foods, and spend the entire day at home.

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Try and do this from time to time, and when you do there are no clothes allowed. It pretty much guarantees you’ll bang at least three times.

  1. Tease without using your hands.

Most of us have a tendency to turn into lazy long-term lovers, often relying on one particular way to turn each other on… up the oral measure by using lips, teeth and tongue.’

  1. Playing out your fantasies

Don’t worry if you laugh ‘just keep going. Lust will usually overtake the laughter.’ Some classic scenarios: doctor and nurse (he doesn’t have to play the doc), rock star and groupie, cheerleader and football player etc.



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