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5 things Nigerians think of at the mention of A.Y

Ayo Makun A.K.A  AY calls the shot as the CEO of Corporate World Entertainment ,a full-fledged entertainment solutions outfit

From his early days as Ali Baba’s personal assistant to the present, A.Y is a living proof that hard work pays huge dividends. His creations, A.Y show, A.Y live, A.Y’s crib, A trip to Jamaica and 30 days in Atlanta all speak of one thing…this dude is a ‘Bad chap guy’


At the mention of the name A.AY in the Nigerian entertainment firmament, many things comes to one’s mind.

  1. A.Y the clown

Whatever A.Y has been able to accomplish found its root when he started out as a comedian. From hosting shows as a struggling student, A.Y has been able to create bankable comedy shows that  people look forward to in Africa and other parts of the world.

2. A.Y the ‘Attention getter’

To succeed in the game of showbiz, you must learn to appeal to the minds of your fans, give them what they want and get their attention. AY is a master when it comes to using the media and social media to get the attention of his fans. His comedy shows are always sold out because he starts his publicity early enough and he is unpredictable.

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According to Naz Onuzo:” When the marketing for  30 days in Atlanta started, the gist level increased. There were now comparisons of the posters. Apparently, the poster of AY and Ramsey naked with only newspapers protecting their modesty was iconic and the poster for A Trip to Jamaica was more conventional. AY announced the football match as a key cornerstone of the marketing.”

He sure knows how to get our attention


3.A.Y the ‘Packaging minister’

Showbiz is a visual business and to be taken serious one has to look the part. You will agree with me that A.Y is one of the most fashionable entertainers in Nigeria. Since packaging enhances value, A.Y takes extra time in looking suave.


4. AY the master collaborator

Collaborating with others helps to enhance one’s star power.

A.Y does that from time to time. For his blockbuster movie, 30 days in Atlanta, the showbiz entrepreneur collaborated with some Hollywood actors and filmmakers. He didn’t just stay in Nigeria expecting to hit it big.   Starring in the Kemi Adetiba directed Wedding Party also speaks volumes of his collaborative spirit.

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5. A.Y the ‘Accidental’ filmmaker

Though A.Y isn’t a trained filmmaker, perhaps the training he got as a student of Theatre arts molded the filmmaker in him. 30 Days in Atlanta was released on October 31, 2014, by February 28, 2015 it was the highest grossing film in Nigeria cinema history.

Same thing applies to his new flick, A trip to Jamaica where he made 175m in the box office. What else do you think at the mention of A.Y? Share in the comment box