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“I almost committed suicide”- Tim Godfrey shares grass to grace tale

Nigerian Gospel artiste, Tim Godfrey popular for songs like Agidigba has said he once contemplated suicide while growing up.

Sharing his story on the popular Instagram platform @Unfilteredng, the award winning leader of the Xtreme Crew said he once hawked on the streets of Nasarawa, was once a conductor and tried several things in order to put body and soul together.

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Hear him:” I was born and brought up in Nasarawa village in Kaduna. I had a very poor background. I don’t remember getting any new clothes apart from Christmas time. I don’t even remember going to nursery school. I did eventually go to a public primary school. I wore a particular school uniform for a very long time with the shirt torn, the shorts torn, and really big holes in my shoes.

“Sometimes I had to walk barefoot. I never got transported to school, so I would have to walk. (Imagine walking the equivalent of Oshodi to Victoria Island every day!). My family lived in a face-me-I-face you house, and the poverty was so strong that our next-door neighbours were pigs. Primary school was tough. I lost my dad at some point and my mum had to manage to push us through. It was tough when my dad was alive. When he died; it became worse.

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“My mum had to do some crazy businesses to keep us afloat. After primary school, the norm in my family was that we were sent to live with an uncle to learn how to ‘trade’. So most of us had to stop schooling at the primary level. I became a servant in my uncle’s house.

“Apart from the everyday work in the house, he was beating everything out of me and I remember at some point while still staying with him, I almost committed suicide. I managed to go through secondary school because I really wanted to be educated but after junior secondary school I left his house.

“I had to start sorting myself out from SS1. I did all sorts. I hawked all sorts. My siblings and I would walk around Nasarawa village selling banana, coconut, garden eggs, groundnuts, zobo and the like. And most times because I loved football, I would drop the things I was selling and go play ball. By the time I got back, my goods would have been stolen. I was also a conductor for a while when my dad was alive. My dad was a driver and I was his conductor.

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“I always had something inside of me that made me feel there was so much more. A part of me thought it was football and so I developed my love for football. I played in Pepsi Academy and I played the Kaduna’s Cup Under 13. I was doing very well with football and I even paid some of my secondary school fees with my earnings.”

Tim Godfrey who is a protege of Kirk Franklin, started music as a teenager in church.



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