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Avoid alcohol while celebrating Christmas, cleric tells followers

A cleric,  Rev.Fr. Leonard Ojorgu, has admonished Christian faithful against drinking alcohol and other intoxicants as they celebrated Christmas.

Ojorgu, who is the Assistant Parish Priest of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Ediba, Calabar, gave the advice during the Christmas church service in Calabar.

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He also cautioned followers on the dangers of borrowing huge sums of money that would later become financial burden on them just in the name of celebrating the occasion.

According to him, the month of January is usually a very difficult period for many families because of the Christmas and New Year expenditures, hence the need for all parents and adults to spend wisely.

“Today is the celebration of the birth of Christ. It is not a day to drink to stupor because you want to celebrate.

“Christians should use this period to re-unite themselves with Christ who is the infant Jesus of today; Christmas should be celebrated in a peaceful way and not the other way round.

“During this period, I also urge Christians to stay away from fornication, adultery and other forms of sins that may be against the teachings of Christ,’’ he said.

The cleric called on well-meaning Nigerians to use this period to assist the sick and needy.