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My boobs gets me the most attention, they are firm and ripe- Seyi Hunter

Pretty actress and filmmaker, Seyi Hunter is one enterprising entertainer the movie industry is yet to tap into. The busty performing Arts, Industrial and Labour Relations’ graduate from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, is one actress who isn’t ashamed to express her opinions on sensitive issues.

Seyi’s production debut started with the movie Indecent assault, ever since she  has created her own beauty pageant, Miss Bikini and also ventured into other businesses.

In this interview, she opens up on her passion for acting, why she is still a virgin, sex before marriage amongst other issues

So what have you been up to career-wise?

Okay, I took a short break from acting so as to focus on our beauty pageant Miss Bikini, now I’m back fully to acting.

What do you miss about acting?

I miss the passion. The fact that  I have to be someone else. I also miss moving from one location to another. Acting gives me a different kind of thrill. I miss that.

Don’t you think the break you took affected your acting career?

The break I took never affected my acting career. Besides, some people are still where I left them.Some have gone far of course. But I believe that whatever happens in life has already been written before we were born.Life is a script and we’re the actors. I  wasn’t 100percent off the scene. I  still produced and acted a movie that went to the cinema titled  “Gone Grey” .I was also featured in three movies. I also produced a Yoruba movie titled “AJO” which will be out soon.

You played the role of a naughty and spoilt damsel in Indecent Assault. Does the role depict the real Seyi Hunter?

The role I played in Indecent Assault is far from who I am. The girl in the movie is wild, naughty, greedy, heartless and spoilt. I’m the opposite of all

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How would you describe your personality?

I am down to earth, fearless, hardworking, blunt and shy.I’m friendly but I don’t  relate easily. I am nice to a fault, temperamental and humble.

What is that one role you look forward to playing?

I can’t put my finger on it, but I want something that will push me beyond my breaking point

Have you ever been a victim of casting couch a.k.a sex for roles?

That was one of the reasons I started my own production company.A family friend I told about my passion for acting who works in the movie industry, said he has to sleep with me as a way of protecting me from other men in the industry. He is an actor actually; I stopped greeting him after that incident. After secondary school, I went to a movie location and after shooting about four scenes, the production manager told me I’ll be sleeping in the director’s room. I said I can’t and he told me bluntly to either have sex or leave. So I left. I vowed never to step into the industry till I have enough money to produce my movie.That was what gave birth to HUNTERS MEDIA, my production company.


Do you think everyone can pay the price you paid by delving into movie production?

My dear, I’ve never believed in using sex to get what you want, unfortunately it’s in every sector not just the movie industry. A lot of actresses do it. You will be shocked. That is prostitution.

What is the craziest price you had to pay to get to where you are today?

I have done lots of crazy things. I sold my cars, borrowed money and used my rent. When it was time to pay and I couldn’t raise the money,I had to move into my office temporarily till things stabilized.I got back on my feet stronger.

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In an interview, you once said you know nothing about sex. Are you truly a virgin?

I’m still a virgin. I am keeping myself for the right person. There’s no dignity in sleeping around

So how do you cope with sexual urge? Do you use sex toys?

How can you be horny, when you don’t even know what being horny is?  It’s like asking a blind person the color of your shirt. I think you have to experience it to know how it feels. I have never experienced sexual urge. I don’t watch erotic movies or read erotic books. I stay away from anything that might trigger it.

How about when you act romantic scenes .Doesn’t that trigger it?

That’s why it’s called acting. You zip up your mind. If you feel the urge while on set, that means you’ll have sex with every actor you work with.

Has any actor been turned on when acting with you

No, the few actors I have done romantic scenes with are very professional they ‘Zip’ their mind


Can you act in an extremely romantic film?

Yes I can. Yes I can act an extremely romantic film. I’m an actor. My moral believe is against sex for roles. My virginity has nothing to do with it

How do you cope when your partner demands for sex in a relationship?

Once some of them find out I’m a virgin, they run. I don’t understand, it’s like no man wants a virgin.

What’s your general opinion about sex before marriage?

Truthfully I don’t have anything against sex before marriage.My decision to marry as a virgin is a personal decision. It has nothing to do with morals or religion. I believe in doing whatever makes you happy.

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What is the greatest thing you have done for someone you love?

I borrowed that person money. Infact I sold my car and borrowed him the money. He was the only man that never pestered for sex, and he tripled the money when he payed back

Can you marry a serial cheat?

Every man cheats, so that’s not even a question. I will even like to know the girls he cheats with so as to be sure they’re clean girls and take them for test. That way, I get to be in control. Even if I don’t meet them, my man should be free enough to tell me about his sexcapades, there should be no secret. Any man that hasn’t cheated hasn’t met the true daughters of Eve.Even the Bible says trust no man.

Are Nigerian men scared to marry virgins?

I don’t know, but from my experience they do not like inexperienced girls, girls who haven’t had sex before.Some say it’s like buying black market.

When you are alone at home what do you like to wear?

I don’t wear anything when I am alone at home.I like to be free

What part of your body gets you the most attention?

My boobs gets me the most attention, they are firm and ripe. I’m blessed with great boobs and I have very cute nose

Have you ever been complimented on your boobs?

Yes I get that a lot of time,especially when I go braless sometimes.It’s a compliment and I love genuine compliment

Has anyone made an attempt to touch?

No, it has never happened. I don’t go braless to where I will meet such people.