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Jesus is our kill joy – Femi Aribisala

Femi Aribisala I love the house I live in. I call it “the secret place of the Most High.” When I go home, I go to a haven of peace. I pray by walking around the house. I must have thanked God over one thousand times for that house. But…

Be like Uncle Ho! -Owei Lakemfa

By Owei Lakemfa. The conscientious world this Monday, September 2, marked the fiftieth year departure of Ho Chi Minh (real name Nguyễn Sinh Cung) also affectionately called Uncle Ho, one of the greatest men that ever lived. Uncle…

Guns that never shot – Francis Ewherido

Francis Ewherido All students and lovers of African literature are familiar with these words from the late Prof. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo had given his second wife, Ekwefi, a thorough beating over a non-issue and was…