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Another look at Buratai’s victorious coat

By Jerry Ochada Ajogwu Very few great men in history inspire courage, bravery and excellence. When the military profession is pictured, it spurs limitless uncertainty because of the passion of men for distinctive valour. Unarguably,…

Buhari’s tall ranking on terror war 

By OKANGA AGILA Without mincing words, I did like to confess publicly that I am one Nigerian who believes in President Muhammedu Buhari.  I am not his partisan adherent, but my admiration for him as a person and now leader of Nigeria…

Kogi: Dino Melaye’s sour grapes

Bayo Eniojukan ,PhD The real and behind-the-scene motives for the unrelenting mischief by well-known enemies of the people of Kogi State should be obvious to all thinking people. Because the present administration in the state has…

That UN Boko Haram hoax

By Yusuf Msheliza I know the United Nations Organization (UN) as a serious-minded umbrella body and assemblage of nations of the world in the pursuit of common good for humanity across the globe. It has been visible, especially in…