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Corona Watch: Many haven’t noticed this

After each outing, we wash our hands with soap and running water, believing we've done the needful to stay safe from COVID19. But we actually, forget that we went out with our phones and had touched it severally during the outing, only…

Coronawatch [4]: Nigeria’s Critical Fortnight

As the World Health Organisation, WHO, says the virus is accelerating, this fortnight, for us, is critical. 15 days after the first deaths in Italy and U.S.A, death toll rose above 230, and then jumped. Remember: Nigeria recorded its first…

CORONA WATCH 3: This is war!

On the day we recorded the first death (a returnee from the UK) from Corona virus’ 35 cases, and 15,000 deaths globally, it appears the President addressed Nigerians as the numbers begin to ramp up. Some have become accustomed to hearing…

TNG unveils special Coronavirus news info center

Starting today, and every day until the end of the current Coronavirus pandemic, Africa’s number one online news platform,, will serve you news, information, tidbits and General safety tips to help you, our esteemed readers…