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Globacom Nigeria unveils 4G LTE services

Globacom Nigeria has announced the nationwide launch of its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network for fast Internet access in Nigeria. The telecoms giant, popularly known as ‘The Grand Masters of Data’, first announced the launch on…

Yahoo is giving FBI access to your emails

Internet technology giant Yahoo reportedly built a custom software program last year to scan all users’ incoming emails so as to comply with a classified order from U.S. intelligence. In a Reuters exclusive report published on…

You can now process your driver’s licence online

The Federal Government of Nigeria has now made it simpler for its citizens to apply for driver’s licence with the creation of an online platform. The rigour and stress often faced in processing driver’s licence by Nigerians is obviously…

Twitter likely to start allowing longer tweets

If Twitter’s 140-character limit sometimes has you swearing under your breath as you endeavour to express that grand idea or provocative opinion in just a couple of lines, we have some good news for you. Twitter is likely to start allowing…