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Facebook announces update to Safety Check

In the face of worldwide rancour after President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigrants of certain countries from entering the United States (US), Facebook has announced an update to Safety Check. “Today we’re…

Norway accuses Russia of Cyber attack

Norway’s foreign ministry, army and other institutions were targeted in a recent cyber-attack by a group suspected to have ties with Russian authorities, Norwegian intelligence, which was among the targets, said Friday. Known as APT 29,…

Ibori speaks concerning new Twitter account

Chief James Onanefe Ibori, former governor of Delta state, Nigeria has spoken, disproving reports making the rounds that he recently opened a Twitter account. Chief Ibori was reported to have opened a Twitter account and tweeted “I’m…

Check if your phone is original

Have you ever bought a ‘brand new’ phone and after days of usage you begin to suspect it might be a fake. These type of phones are very common now in the market and most especially for popular brands. The pain that follows when you buy a…