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Edo North 2019: Senator Alimikhena, a veteran in development and his political adventures


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The return to democracy in 1999 created challenging conditions for greater achievement in our nation. To the Average Nigerian politics is a dirty game and the practitioners are view as congenital liers due to the suffocating and repressive military regime.

Despite our Democratic experience Nigerians are still in doubt of our Democratic process. The verdict of the people at the polls usually take away their right to be served. Transparency and accountability became mere fancy words in our political vocabulary. After several years of raised and dashed hopes, Adams Oshiomhole and Senator Francis Alimikhena emerged to restore the years that the political adventures have eatern in Edo State and Edo North in particular.

As a veteran in development, having delivered on his campaign promises to the electorate, live above board in his political sojourn and survived the attack by political jobbers and merchants who would stop at nothing but return Edo North to the era of mindless exploitation, ‘one would expect that the issue of an automatic ticket for such a senator who has been described by Edo North Leaders as the best senator Edo North has ever produced would not be opposed and contested because he deserves all the accolades and encomium showed on him by the Otaru of Auchi, the Adonogie of South Ibie, several Edo North monarch and political leaders. His public spiritedness is the first of its kind but rather than encouraging his continuity, some political adventurers and gambles in the areas has continue to display desperation in discrediting Senator Francis Alimikhena, one of the most decent and incorruptible Nigerian in public life who has never been linked to any allegation of corruption or self enrichment. A quintessential and cerebral politician. Urbane and gentle with the the carriage of statesmanship in the 2019 Edo North senatorial race.

According to an analyst, Since the inception of democracy in 1999 till date, one crucial cry of the public has been the need for effective representation by our politicians who has failed in the past to translate the gains of democracy down the line”. There has been a grate gap between senatorial representative and the larger society. This has collapse the bridge of participatory democracy since 1999. Politicians were known as promise breakers, deceitful electoral promises and absentmindedness to current realities on ground were the hallmark of previous legislative representation in Edo North. A careful monitoring of his utterances in the media since inception as the Edo North Senator, you would observed that Senator Francis Alimikhena has been consistent in his carriage as an elder statesman whose focus is on how to return Edo North to the path of development and industrialization. The forthcoming 2019 general election has definitely create another stage with political adventurers as merely players.

As the epic race to undo each other in the 2019 general election hots up, it’s a time to separate the contenders from the Pepetual detractors, the political jobbers and merchants. It is not a time to play pranks with public interest because Democracy must lead to development or it loses credibility. Politics is a game of contention and confrontation. Irrespective of how good the incumbent may be gladiators must contest against him not because he has failed to deliver on his promises but in pursuance of personal interest. Edo North is not left out with the gale of political opportunist, adventures and gambles who has perceived politics as an end it self rather than seeking productive means to better the lots of the State.

The developmental history and backwardness of Edo North before now can better be explain by the inaugural speech of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole on the 12th November 2008 when he said ” The good people of Edo State (Edo North) have for decades, been condemned to mindless exploitation by political adventures, gambles and rampaging opportunists who over the years have fraudulently employed their ill gotten wealth and influence to subject the Edo North citizens to conditions of harrowing social and economic deprivations. This has resulted in deplorable infrastructure, fallen standard in education, moral degeneration, youth restiveness and mass unemployment.”

In the efforts of the Edo North people to come out from these poor leadership as described by the former Governor of the State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole took out time to redeem the image of the state. One of such decision was the choice of Senator Frnacis Alimikhena incumbent Edo North Senator due to his passion for development and initiatives. ” No longer will Edo North be kept as an onlooker while decision concerning them are taken. Today, like never before; the slogan “let the people lead has become a promise because the people of Edo North are no more political slaves put an active voice in the scheme of things. Edo North has suffered from poor senatorial leadership in the past years. The burden of governance was high on the state government due to poor legislative representation at the national stage hence the need for Senator Francis Alimikhena the Oracle of Edo North development to change the tide.

An unassuming and modest personality, Alimikhena never seeks self praise rather the happiness of others gives him reason to thrives. His compassion for the have nots in the society knows no bounds. In the sphere of infrastructural development, Edo North witnessed drastical rural electrification that spanned across all nooks and crannies of the senatorial district. Rural road projects were not left out as well as securing approval for the dualization of the Auchi Agenebode road. Ongoing conversion of the Auchi Polytechnic into a Federal University has earned Senator Alimikhena several educational award and recognition, water projects, streetlights, Town halls, Healthcare centres as well as skill acquisition centres to mentioned few has been his key areas of achievement. Senator Francis Alimikhena gallant efforts made it possible for indigent Edo North student to secure scholarship to higher education. The writer of this article was one of such beneficiaries of the educational scholarship program of Senator Francis Alimikhena in his blazing commitment to better the lots of the Edo North youth. “A man’s goodness is a flame that can he hidden but never extinguished. ”

Today in the history of Edo North, we can say it boldly that we know of a man that stood tall, forthright, determined, resolute and who refused to compromised the benefits of the suffering masses of Edo North for self enrichment. Unlike those who pocketed the development of Edo North for their personal gains, Senator Francis Alimikhena has live up to his name and integrity. The window of opportunity that Senator Alimikhena has open for Edo North and its spilled over effects can better be explain by historians. Emerson puts it that ” Every act reward itself. The longer the reward is withheld the better for you, for compound interest upon compound interest is the rate and usage of this exchange.” The Edo North senator belief that “we all are one winged angel.” It is only when we help one another that we can fly faster. He has made us to know that there are still persons that could be able to pursue good governance and politics for the benefit of his people. Before the emergency of Senator Francis Alimikhena as the Edo North Senator, the people have lost faith in senatorial representative due to the dashed hopes and unfulfilled promises in the past years.

The emergency of Senator Francis Alimikhena as the Edo North Senator witness a radical departure from all previous senatorial representatives in the area. In his efforts to restore the Edo North time honoured value of honesty, decency, generosity, modesty, selflessness, transparency and accountability, Senator Francis Alimikhena embarked on a tour across various communities and local government to ascertain the immediate developmental needs in each local government. The essence of embarking on such exercise was due to his belief that ” gone are those days when communities were seen as recipient of projects. Communities are now integral parts of government developmental decisions and communities have become critical stakeholders that cannot be ignore”. This was the beginning of the success record of the incumbent Edo North Senator. This radical departure from what it used to be help in restoring faith and confidence in government.

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His stint in office has shown him to be development minded and infrastructure led individual. His pursuit for empowerment programs has resulted to massive wealth creation for Edo North farmers, traders, transporters and artisans through his empowerment program for all categories. His employment boost have remain palpable and unassailable. These realities include his constant interface with his constituency. Driven by the desire to build human capacity development, Senator Francis Alimikhena has at various times organized empowerment program for Edo North indigenes as well as Advocacy and Sensitization on the rights of children and women in the society through the National Directorate of Employment.

The Democratic history of Edo State and leadership benchmark was drawn by Adams
Oshiomhole when he emerged as the Governor of Edo State. He consciously refused to build new structures on wrong foundations previousely laid by the PDP administration. Oshiomhole believe that self discipline is doing the right thing. Not when it is convenient but because it ought to be done. Those were the principle upon which his administration run. And today like never before, that principle has become the leadership benchmark in Edo State. In line with the aspiration of the government and people of Edo State in maintaining developmental standard, Edo North Senatorial district massively supported the Oracle of development to represent them in the Senate. Francis Alimikhena has key into the developmental standard of the APC National Chairman in his desire in ensuring one ward one project. This has in no little way restore the Democratic confidence that was elusive in the senatorial district due to previously poor leadership.

In today’s politics where everyone is compromising and selling his principles and integrity for a price, Senator Francis Alimikhena has remain steadfast with his promises to his constituence. While other Senatorial district in Edo State are calling for the removal of their Senator, Edo North senatorial district are calling for tenure elongation for the incumbent Senator due to his radical developmental departure from what it uses to be in the area. Edo North now have a senator who is not lamenting with the masses but consciously making efforts to justify public interest. In the past years public interest were betrayed due to poor representation. According to Adams Oshiomhole, ” The duty of government is not to lament with the masses but to bring the masses out of lamentation” Senator Francis Alimikhena has brought the people of Edo North out of various forms of lamentation in his three years in office. “A man of buoyant spirit and heart of benevolence, a refuge for the oppressed and the less fortunate. Senator Alimikhena do not share the same view with politicians who view politics as an inheritance and avenue for personal enrichment.

The demonstration of statemenship and one man liberation army of the Edo North Senator has elevated governance by ensuring that all parts of Edo North benefits in the Democratic process. In the recently conducted local government election and the just concluded APC Congress, Edo North political leaders doff their hats for Senator Francis Alimikhena for maintaining neutrality without display of desperation which is the hallmark of previous political senatorial office holders. Today like never before, there is an attitudinal change in the Edo North politics as initiated by the Senator representing Edo North. Senator Francis Alimikhena has spearhead the change which the APC administration preachers since its inception in 2015.

As the pride of the APC in the entire South South and South East, the towering influence of Senator Francis Alimikhena before the 2015 election contributed to the massive victory that the party celebrate as the only Senatorial district in the region to produce an APC Senator. In the same vain, in the 2019 general election the most assured personality that can also guarantee the victory of the APC in Edo North is the man with the magnetic personality, Senator Francis Alimikhena. No aspirants currently in the senatorial race of Edo North can win in the main February election when Senator Francis Alimikhena is in that same race. This is due to his previous track record of development and generosity to the down trodden. These virtues were ignored by previous politicians because voting never counts. But today where votes counts, it has become a game where those with virtues celebrate while the self enrichment politicians lick their wounds because it is too late for them to suddenly become generous.

As the 2019 general election draw close, Senator Francis Alimikhena has so many things going for him. He has an amazing energy as a former compactant, his incredible developmental impact which is has become the talk of the town is also going for him, He carved a nitche for himself as an aracle of development before he venture into politics many years ago, he hits the ground running as a senator by embarking on the repair of the Auchi Agenebode road few works after assuming office as a Senator. Another thing going for the Senator is the fact that the PDP in Edo North and other political parties are giving their ticket to an Etsako Man and the implication of such decision is that the APC ticket should also fall within an Etsako man who can dismissed the PDP and other political candidate in the main election. The people of Etsako has vowed to return Senator Francis Alimikhena as the Edo North Senator during the recent project commissioning where various political leaders commit to ensure his victory at the poll. Etsako has three local government and with the highest population in Edo North therefore their resolution in an election cannot be undermine particularly a time like this where opposition party are struggling to take advantage of the Etsako population. Beyond the forth coming credible election APC should also focus on credible candidate in the person of Senator Francis Alimikhena for his second term developmental bid.

Tope Popoola was right when he said” The swang swings only once in life time.” In his three years in office; Senator Francis Alimikhena has demonstrated high sense of understanding in tackling the developmental challenges that has bedeviled the Edo North Senatorial district. The promises that were made by previous political office holders were merely a perfunctory exercise. Yet those same political leaders who could not abide by their words are the most clamoured in the race today to contest against the most resources Senator that Edo North has ever produced. It is not suprising that some sponsor thugs are going around town condemning the Senator despite his developmental efforts in their desperation in seeking the APC senatorial ticket. All forms of allegations has been level against Senator Francis Alimikhena. While some are spreading the rumour that he has perfected plans to work against his party, others are saying the PDP has kept their Senatorial ticket for Senator Francis Alimikhena for free. All these speculations and allegations are the efforts of enemies of democracy in creating disunity between the Edo North senator and the APC national Chairman who is his personal brother and friend. Though the criticism is not unexpected because “men only become saints after death”. So long as you are living you must face accusations and criticism like Christ himself. Senator Alimikhena has shown that true change must be purposeful without playing pranks with the suffering masses. It takes a passionate and committed leader to drive the demanded developmental change by his people.

Senator Francis Alimikhena ascend this height on the ladder of trust repose in him through his service which connected him to his people without been involved in political activities. Trust is leardership collacteral. It was this trust earned by Senator Francis Alimikhena that made his ascentary by the masses of Edo North a reality. He has taken the trust of the people as a deposit and has therefore, made conscious efforts to make gains with the deposit of trust that was given to him. The massive infrastructural development and Human capital development in Edo North is a deliberate effort by the Edo North Senator in ensuring that the wellbeing of the people are Paramount to him. Senator Francis Alimikhena has inspire more trust of the Edo North masses by his action because when a leader is trusted no task is unachievable and no height is un-scalable. Trust is further strengthen in a leader when he is accountable to the people. Senator Francis Alimikhena has constantly render accounts of his stewardship to the people of Edo North and make frantic efforts to increase their Worth through his regular meetings and empowerment programs knowing that corruption is itself central to the spread of poverty. Trust is earned, it is never given. Previous Senators have failed to earned the trust of the people because they do not connect to the people emotionally through their performance.

There is no fear that the efforts of Senator Francis Alimikhena will be sustained when given a second chance going by the employment opportunity given to unemployed youth in Edo North. In his three years in Office unemployment has been nipped in the area due to various employment assistance that has been offered. Apart from civil service jobs that has been offered to Edo North indigenes in various parastaters, the Edo North senator has also expanded the frontiers of the fortune of Edo North in the future by influencing major appointment of Edo North Professionals as Board Chairman and Board members respectively in various federal agencies.

Prof. James Momoh from Akoko Edo was recently appointed and inaugurated as Executive Chairman of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC. Not satisfied with the placement of Prof. Momoh alone, Ambassador Peter Anegbe got placed by the Distinguished Senator as Commissioner in the Public Complaints Commission, while Daniel Okhosagah and many others got employment with Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, Another was the positioning of Flying Officer Elvis Atema in the Nigerian Air Force. The first among them all was the commissioning of Jonathan Imhokha Nwutube as ASP in the Nigeria Police Force as facilitated by Distinguished Senator Francis Alimikhena. Space and time won’t allowed the regular employment in the Nigeria civil service commission, Civil Defence, Fire service, FRSC, FIRS, Prison service, Imigration Police force, and the National Assembly Service Commission that just offered emplyment to Mrs. Omo few weeks ago. All these and others are available in the public domain for verification. Indeed silent revolution is brewing in the womb of time.

As once stated by Reverend Jesse Jackson, “Our democracy should be a monarchy where everyone is a crowned king”. Senator Francis Alimikhena has made all Edo North indigens a crown king by creating equal opportunity for all. No stone is left unturned in giving every Edo North indigenes their pride of place in the affairs of governance. As the pioneer architect of change in the senatorial representation history of Edo North and Edo State in general, Senator Francis Alimikhena can be liken to the program GPS in computer. He has help to discover potentials in Edo North youth due to his listening ears. For the first time in the senatorial history of Edo North, people have started perceiving politics and politicians as the route to social redemption due to the track record and benchmark by the effective representation of Senator Francis Alimikhena.

As a hot list aspirant on the 2019 Edo North Senatorial election, it is worthy of note that Edo North political leaders should know that Senatorial election is certainly not one of those job for the boys. It is not one hell of job for those who delight in sheer vainglory. It is too serious and completely engaging to play down on experience and capacity particularly of a ranking senator and principle officer like Senator Francis Alimikhena who will definitely sustained his height as a leader in the senate when given a second chance in order to consolidate on his ongoing senatorial benchmark which is the hallmark of democracy. Senatorial representation in Edo North should not be compromised in order to sustained the pace of development in the area.

Tonnie Iredia on his page Nigeria Today, once said, ” A good critics ought to, in addition, proffer solutions to the problems or articulate alternative options for handling identified concerns.” Rather than the ongoing agitation and rented crowd that characterised the glamour for another senator, ‘One begins to wonder what else a new senator would do in the senate that Senator Francis Alimikhena has not done or is not doing?. It was expected for all Edo North sons and Duaghters to join hands with the performing senator to developed the area rather than looking for false means to ridicule his activities in order to score unpopular political points. It takes building a relationship to developed an area but that is one of the hardest thing. People prefer politics over ideology. The ongoing bear hugs of deceitfulness among political brothers in Edo North should be reinvigorated for true brotherliness and support in oder to maintain the standard of development as eyemark by comrade Adams Oshiomhole the political leaders of the district. It takes a night a very dark night to unfold a fair weather.

Edo North political leaders in one of the constituency briefing by Senator Francis Alimikhena, collectively endorse his second term bid due to his magnetic political profike of achievment. Former APC State Deputy Chairman Alhaji Mogaji described Senator Francis Alimikhena as a man of strong character. According to him, he said “since the history of Edo North, Senator Alimikhena was the first Senator to invite political leaders to brief them on his activities”. Describing the meeting as a new dawn in Edo North, the National leader of the party Prince Malic Afegbua confirmed that Edo North has never had it so good and therefore advocate for more support for the incumbent Edo North Senator. The Former State Chairman of PDP who was present at the meeting Barrister Edward Sado moved a vote of confidence on Senator Francis Alimikhena. Sado said the vote of confidence became necessary due to the infrastructural development initiated by the Edo North Senator.

As a man of dignity and honour with the carriage of a statesman, Senator Francis Alimikhena has never been linked to any allegations of corruption or self enrichment. His humility is endearing in spite of his attainment in life. He is fatherly, humane, accessible and generous to a fault. Urbane and gentle. Alimikhena has dedicated his life to the service of humanity by using his personal earning many years ago to developed the igiode and Agenebode community that was cut off from electricity and education. While in public service, Senator Alimikhena built a Catholic Church and Rev fathers quarter in order to spread the gospel of Jesus. He personally build a school and bring electricity to a once dark village. These were efforts achieved by his personal earning as a veteran of development.

Known as the Oracle of development and the veteran of Edo North development, Senator Francis Alimikhena has accomplished some of the under listed projects but not all can be inserted due to space constraints. Some of the completed Constituency projects include . Block of 3 classrooms at Okpameri Grammar sch Ibillo. Portable borehole water at Health centre Ekhe girls rd Auchi. 500kva transformer at Ayogwiri-Uzairue .Borehole at Apana-Uzairue .Dialysis Centre Auchi General Hosp. Block of 3 classrooms at Iyoke Primary Sch.Eware Enwain .Construction/Rehabilitation of Ugbenor-Ayogwiri rd. Block of 3 classrooms at Uzebba. .Dialysis centre Agenebode .Skill Acquisition centre at st.Peters Grammar Sch.Bode. Skill Acquisition centre at Ogbake Primary Sch.Bode .Jattu-Iyuku road Uzairue. Auchi-Igarra rd. Borehole at Igarra. Borehole at Ubuneke Owan East. Borehole at Ozalla owan west. Completed Projects. Block of 4 classrooms and a conference Hall at Afashio-Uzairue. Primary Health Care Centre at Iraokhor .Solar Powered street light at Ikabigbo-Uzairue .Street light at Sabogida-Ora .Street light at Warrake and Street light at Agbede. A total of 97 projects but cannot all be mentioned here. The list of his completed 97 constituency projects are available at various point. Those projects are exclusion of the ongoing 2018 projects at various location currently ongoing.

Bills and Resolutions are the legislative frame work that calls for executive action to make life more meaningful to the people. Senator Francis Alimikhena has move the most celebrated Bills and people oriented motions. As part of efforts in returning the nation back to the true spirit of federalism and fiscal federalism as practiced between 1960 and 1963, Senator Francis Alimikhena Bill on
REVENUE MOBILISATION, ALLOCATION AND FISCAL COMMISSION ACT AMENDMENT BILL was read for a second time in preparation for the third reading to become law in the nation.

The Bill which seeks Amendment of the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission Act CAP R7 LFN 2004 and amend Section 6(1)(a) of the RMAFC Act in order to empower the Commission to disburse the revenue accrued in the Federation Account to the three tiers of Government in the source currency component (dollar and naira) of the Federation Account. This will accord with Section 162 (3) of the 1999 Constitution and which will, hopefully, reverse the continued depreciation of the naira against the dollar as the three tiers of Government will have direct access to the dollar component of their respective share from the Federation Account.

According to the Distinguished Senator the enactment of the Bill into Law will be a major transformation in the Nation’s fiscal and monetary modeling as the dollar/naira parity will be restored. He stated that it will also discourage the practice where the CBN determines what is the equivalent amount of the dollar component of the Federation Account which it converts and distributes accordingly. Section 162 (3) of the 1999 Constitution states that “any amount standing to the credit of the Federation Account shall be distributed among the Federal, State and the Local Government Councils in each State on such terms and in such manner as may be prescribed by the National Assembly”.

Fiscal federalism in it true sense of it Connote revenue and expenditure decentralization among different tiers of government. (Federal, State and Local government. ) Fiscal federalism is division of government functions. It seeks to even up and address the inequality that exist in the distribution of the nations wealth. So far in the past, fiscal federalism has not worked in Nigeria. The Nigeria senate in their collective wisdom want government to embarked upon full scale fiscal federalism. This will ginger states to compete in terms of infrastructural and investment drive in developing natural resources in their domain. Nigeria has constantly face crisis in the revenue sharing formula. These and many other federation challenges will be address through intellectual Bills sponsor by Senator Francis Alimikhena.

The Nigeria stock exchange has constantly face criticism from investors and others. In his bid to bring transparency in the conduct of government business, Senator Alimikhena also sponsor a Bill and Lead debate on The Charted Institute of Capital Market Registrar Bill with second reading on the 16th March and was passed on 20th July, 2017. Other Bills include: Environmental Managers Registration Council of Nigeria(Establishment) Bills 2015 and was passed 4th May, 2017. University of Technology Auchi, (Establishment) second reading was taken 21st February, 2018. Discrimination Against persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Bill 2015 and passed on the 13th July 2016.

Nigeria Agricultural processing Zone (Establishment) Bill 2015 second reading 9th November, 2016. Motions are two numerous to mention but we mention just two which include the Urgent need for the repair, Reconstruction and Dualization of Okene -Auchi- Ekpoma- Benin Road. And Urgent need to halt the importation of palm oil and its allied products to protect the palm oil / kernel industry in Nigeria. It is obvious therefore that the Bills and Motions by Senator Francis Alimikhena are people oriented and not merely occupying space. He has sponsor and co sponsor more than twenty’ people center motions apart from Bills.

Needless to mention the ongoing skill acquisition centres at different venue in Edo North and the constant youth empowerment program and distribution of Keke napep to enhanced farming and transportation, Okada distribution, sowing machine, Gen Set, Grounder of various magnitude, Wheelchair for the special people among others. The unique aspect of Senator Francis empowerment program is the human face which he has introduced in the process. Rather than the usual practice of bringing the entire Edo North to the Auchi public field, Senator Alimikhena visit each local government to deliver empowerment materials to them directly to avoid difficulty in transportation and other inconvenience. The most celebrated among all the achievement of this amiable Senator is the functioning constituency office in Auchi manned by his Special Assistant on Administration Mr. Chris Ahmed who is constantly on ground to attend to issues for prompt action by the Senator.

For all its well that ends well. It was therefore not surprising when fellow Senators described Senator Francis Alimikhena as the model for our democracy due to his towering attributes and influence. Nigeria democracy has come of age when the strong must learn to lift the weak rather than tramping on them. True heroism is not the urge to surpassed all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost. This was why professor William James said. ” The best used of life is to do something that outlast life.” The best reward for a good leader is to give him and opportunity to do more and not glamour for change by opponents. Intelligent students are encouraged and not punished. Senator Francis Alimikhena as an intelligent legislator deserved to be encouraged and not punished. If Edo North must developed then it will be a thing of self bewildering for any other desperate politician to contest against their performing brother and friend Senator Francis Alimikhena. Of what use is running when we are all facing the wrong direction? In a clime where others have sold their principle and integrity the unquestionably few among us should be given the chance to model the youth who are sure to take over leadership from the role model.

Senator Francis Alimikhena deserves a second term ticket to enable him complete his developmental initiatives which are aimed at redesigning and strengthening Edo North economy. Senator Francis Alimikhena first term in office has made visible progress in road construction and sophisticated infrastructure across Edo North. Beyond credible election, we must seek for a credible candidate in the person of Senator Francis Alimikhena. I hope and pray that Edo North delegates are reading. The race is already ongoing and the runner is on track there is therefore no need in changing a winning team. If Edo North future must not blink then we must dream with our eyes widely open. As faithful politician who has performed his tasked faithfully, we must give him another opportunity to build on the existing foundations that he has laid because we cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. Senator Francis Alimikhena is tried and tested and no doubt he is good. He that is good will infallible become better and he that is bad will certainly become worse. Salk Jonas said “The greatest reward for doing is an opportunity to do more”. Edo North is currently drunk with success but sick with ambition. We must not throw away our drunk success because of our individual interest and sick ambition. Good governance is participatory and not window dressing. The people of Etsako must unit and revolt against oppression and underdevelopment which was the hallmark of previous legislators. Someone once asked James Carbett, the world heavy weight champion what it took to be a heavy weight champion and he replied ” Fight one more time.” Senator Francis Alimikhena as the Edo Parliamentary champion needs to be given the opportunity to Fight one more time “. This is true because “for want of a nail the hammer must not lost.”

Written By
Benjamin Atu.
Benjamin Atu is a Journalist and public affairs analysts wrote from Agenebode Edo State.
[email protected]

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