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Nigeria: 2019 Elections Conversations, Tithe, Adeboye, RCCG, Oyedepo, Daddy Freeze, Durotoye and Sowore


By Nneka Okumazie

Sadly for Nigeria, tithes is where we are as a nation. It is incredibly pathetic that as the debate rages, the heat has been turned on pastors, who now share responsibility as the reason for poverty. The picture painted by Daddy Freeze and his addicts is that everyone that goes to Church is poor, and they use the money of those poor for Church assets and luxury. This is not the case. Daddy Freeze often says there is no prosperity by giving, that the richest people in the world do not give to churches or pay tithes, maybe. But in that same country, there are millions of passionate Christians who give and are in their way prosperous.

In the Bible, there were not too many records of most of the people who gave tithes becoming as wealthy, but it was a command in the Old Testament, a necessity in Christianity. Jesus quoted from the Scriptures at His time. The Apostles quoted from the Scriptures at their time. There were several kinds of wonders in the Old Testament that weren’t performed in the New Testament.

Jesus transiently mentioned tithing, but also said “lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven”. He said give, and it shall be given unto you. Tithing can be a way to do both, depending on individual. Tithes are a source of income for Churches; some of the uses are conspicuous. No matter how anyone feels, tithing is not by force, and if a person is not convinced to give, it is better not to.

It is possible to be a genuine Christian and have struggles giving; it is also possible to be a genuine Christian and have struggles with the “go ye into the all world and preach the gospel” command. There may be a chance that a person had a useful opportunity to preach or give, or for forgiveness but did not, and may miss Heaven just because; who knows. Christ Jesus said, “for I was hungry, and you didn’t feed me; But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

What Pastor Adeboye of RCCG told the Church individuals may rest on this: that they may be doing everything else, they should not ignore tithes as it will count towards Heaven. He had at other instances spoken passionately about evangelism according to transcripts of some of his messages. But taking that old tithe comment, and turning it into poverty and Nigeria problem is revealing of the priorities of Nigeria.

Churches in Nigeria have rich members who made money legitimately. They give. Sometimes personally for the pastors welfare, which are not totally luxurious, but the pastors are accused of robbing the poor. Also, no true Pastor will say, do not study, or not go to work. Faith and prayers are fuel in doings but faith and work are a necessity.

Daddy Freeze is passionate against tithes, churches and pastors. It will be interesting to see his list of true churches in Nigeria, if any. Daddy Freeze wants to expose pastors, wants tithes gone and wants to free people from what he believes is brainwashing. Sorry, but if Churches went away, Nigeria will still remain underdeveloped, so, one wonders the lasting goal of his banal campaign.

Assuming Daddy Freeze is passionate about road safety, with new ideas, forums, CSR involvements, projects, etc. His passion will spark others, major differences will be made, he can accept proposals, use the thoughtful ones, he’ll have followers, volunteers, and lives will be saved from crashes, etc. because of them.

Road safety, regular electricity, employment, etc., are some of the areas he would have made a difference. There are young graduates routinely sorrowful on their jobs, or without work. There are people in tears when electricity is OFF. Yet, no one is passionate about any of these and the buzz is against the Church, a place some people go just to hope.

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There are mosques everywhere, many have loudspeakers outside, but nobody can touch them. The real swindlers of the poor are Bet and Lotto companies but everyone looks away. Banks and Telcos make giants profits, some from charges, what have they done to useful development of Nigeria? For all, the Church is at fault. As much as it looks like religion is everywhere, religion is largely personal. Nigeria has humongous underdevelopment problems requiring passion and thoughtfulness not distractions and pettiness: (Pope Benedict XVI taking alcohol or why one Pastor won’t make Heaven).

Daddy Freeze said recently to the BBC that Churches use the money of the poor to build schools, but their children cannot afford the schools. There are several ways to counter this blather. For example, you can look at net giving, cost of other private and state government universities, and scholarships that are not advertised.

The biggest problems Church Universities have is the same as all Federal, State and other Private Universities; it is that they don’t have passion for solutions to problems in Nigeria or anywhere else. Not one University is fiercely passionate about solutions, none, defend anything, none. Relentless passion for ways to find solutions; iterations when methods fail until they find what works. Passionate Universities would have produced more thoughtful graduates and automatic life assignments.

Children of the poor attend federal and state universities, after graduation, for many, no work. Assuming every poor child goes to Church Universities and after they graduate no work, it is possible Daddy Freeze would say why can’t the Church find work for them because they gave offerings. His sore hate, not that he wants to make anything better or has any ideas, would be better elsewhere because many Churchgoers in Nigeria are passionate about their Faith, even in trying times, they will not give up.

Daddy Freeze is a wasted opportunity. He would have shown Nigeria how to develop with passion, but he chose the wrong enemies that will outlast him and his cursed cause. There are two youthful presidential aspirants in their forties who want to make Nigeria good. One is a consultant and motivational speaker, Durotoye and the other is an investigative journalist, Sowore.

In their assumption, leadership is the problem of Nigeria, and they want to be the change. So wrong; Presidential or Vice Presidential leadership is not the answer to the problems of Nigeria, the lack of enduring passion for solutions is. Assuming any of these aspirants had championed a powerful passion, say against state governments who will do nothing for their people, but everyone comes to Lagos and some are homeless, this passion would have produced major results and new passion champions.

But NO, for them presidency is the answer, and everything else will answer to them in this corrupt system with unremitting engines of stupidity to distract people and projects that make situations worse. The aspirants have the right to run, hopefully it goes well for one of them, and maybe the President truly changes all.

A Pastor went in the forest in 1983 with vision for a large place of worship, another Bishop too had several visionary moves. But suddenly, Adeboye and Oyedepo are fakes by one Daddy Freeze who cannot own a radio station, and has never done anything substantive, zilch. It is a misfortune that tithes is where Nigeria is as the presidential election approaches. While there is need for genuinely passionate visionaries, Nigeria chose distraction.

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