When Oral sex goes wrong By Lorraine Lionheart


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There are very few people out there who can say they do not enjoy oral sex. We have certainly come a long way to accepting oral sex as normal, though due to religious and cultural influences, there are still many who see it as immoral and even demonic. It is rather ironic that some people from religious and cultural backgrounds that condemn sex before marriage often resort to oral sex in order to preserve their virginity.

Some choose oral sex because of its low health risk. However, oral sex is not safe sex. It’s safer sex, but it’s definitely not safe sex. Many people don’t know that STDs can be spread orally. Or if they do, they don’t see the health risks as being very serious. The risks of getting an STD from unprotected oral sex are typically much lower than the risks posed by having unprotected vaginal or anal sex; but because it is common knowledge that the risk of especially HIV transmission via oral sex is very, very low indeed, most people turn a blind eye to all other risks. HPV, (human papillomavirus, the sexually-transmitted virus best known as a common cause of cervical cancer), can be transmitted from unprotected oral sex but so can chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HSV and Hepatitis. This is not to imply the cancer risk is only for females.


The famous American actor Michael Douglas was rumoured to have confessed that his throat cancer was caused by oral sex. How true that is, is an entire discussion; but the point here is the health risks of oral sex are not gender biased. My first thought like many of you reading this was “well, I get that one can use barrier protection to reduce the risk of getting an STD. A barrier can be a condom covering the penis, but what on earth can one do to protect themselves and their partner when giving oral to a female?”

The word is ”dental dam” . It can be placed over the vulva or anus. Instead of a pre-packaged dental dam, a condom cut open to make a sheet is also an acceptable barrier.

I suppose I would even consider cling film but be very careful using plastic or anything that may cover your mouth and nose, causing respiratory problems. So many people out there absolutely dread the very thought of using protection for oral sex, so much that they would rather do without. However there are others out there who do not engage in oral sex merely because they feel a bit subjugated. It can be a rather uncomfortable position to find yourself in. They have your very important body part between their teeth; who is in charge in a position like that?”.


So I guess this may well suggest oral sex requires a certain level of trust and may well help build trust between partners. I took the liberty of doing some research about epilepsy before writing this article; because I have often wondered if men especially, ask their partners whether or not they have epilepsy before engaging sexually with them. Epilepsy seizures can occur during intercourse, oral sex, orgasms and after sex.


They can occur anytime. I often wonder what happens if a female has an epilepsy seizure with a penis in her mouth. I will leave that to your imagination. People with epilepsy and all other unfortunate conditions obviously deserve healthy exciting sex lives like the rest of us. But my advice is please kindly communicate these conditions with your partners or asks, so that you can engage in oral sex or any activity for that matter with an informed choice.


Oral sex is enormously pleasurable, but when things go wrong they really can traumatise you for life. I for one will never let a guy with gold teeth to give me oral sex, because i cannot risk my clit being ripped off by the metal caps. I mean, what kind of messed up fashion is it though? I guess dental braces too can be a little risky. I repeat oral sex is the “it”, and i am neither attempting to freak everyone out by this article, nor am i saying that protection has to take the form of high-visibility jacket, knee pads and a helmet. I am simply saying oral sex like every other activity, carries risks and of course accidents do happen.

If anything causes discomfort it should be discontinued, and just because something is supposed to be ‘fun,’ doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Do not allow the prospect of pleasure cause you to lose your common sense. So, do stay safe and I wish you all amazing sex lives in 2019.

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