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Controversy trails Tasha Cobbs’ collaboration with Nicki Minaj

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 20: Rapper Nicki Minaj performs onstage during TIDAL X: 1020 Amplified by HTC at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on October 20, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TIDAL)

It is no longer news that  renowned American gospel singer, Tasha Cobbs Leonard featured sexy rapper, Nicki Minaj in her new track titled “I’m Getting Ready“.

The collaboration has triggered an intense online debate with some individuals  stating that a gospel artiste should not be seen collaborating with a secular artiste like Nicki.

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Nigerian gospel artiste, Kenny K’ore took to his Facebook page to express his opinion over the controversial collaboration.

In his words:” Tasha Cobbs collaboration with the soft pornography rap artist Nicki Minaj Is an #INSULT to Christianity.Jesus hung out with sinners, and they CHANGED, let’s hope that Nicki Minaj would start covering up and continue to sing gospel songs after this collaboration, and not that Tasha Cobbs is about to become the next Mali Music” he wrote.


A certain Olayinka said:” Since 2face popularised the cliché ‘nobody holy pass’ I think many of us have been using it to escape the truth we ought to tell ourselves. We are quick to say don’t judge me but of a truth aren’t we suppose to judge ourselves though in love? Didn’t Jesus tell us that we will judge even angels? We need to set certain record straight else we will comprise the efficacy of the cross without knowing it. We are no longer holding the truth in pure conscience. #somepeopleholypass”.

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Subomi Plumptre, a social media strategist said:” Some Christians seem surprised that God is interested in others besides them. Some believe God deals in morality.Some believe Christian musicians are somehow doing more ministry than Christian doctors or teachers and that somehow, music is less of a business. I remember reading research that said only 4 Christian musicians in history have achieved the same level of commercial appeal and success as their secular counterparts: Amy Grant, Toby Mac, Kirk Franklin and Lacrae.


“Not because God limits the cultural impact of his children but because they allow religion to. Light shines in the darkness. Salt sweetens tasteless food. Doctors are needed in hospitals. Those things get their definition by being applied in places that need them, not by “preaching to the choir”. For those who care about appearances, they should learn from Jesus who was accused of consorting with “sinners” and freely did so. They should also give other human beings credit for free will and the ability to discern good from bad in public figures.

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“Is Cobbs’ music collaboration with Minaj about the content (which was good by the way), or the person who rapped the content, or the public nature of the content, or the spirit behind the content? Christians must then not work with any unashamedly unbelieving person, in every other public sphere of life including the media industry, since it also produces content”.


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