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Cyber crimes: Panelists discuss ‘yahoo boyfriends’ [video included]

While some see ‘yahoo boys’ as criminals, others see them as just people running normal every day business to make ends meet.

This was the subject of debate on TNG Unscripted, a popular show making wave on the Internet, especially on social media.

Given the fact that not only boys are involved in ‘yahoo’ otherwise known as Internet fraud, advance fee fraud or rather 419, the topic: “Why Do We Celebrate #Cybercrimes [#YahooYahoo] in Nigeria?” became a hard nut to crack.

Panelists were divided on their views on the way they see people involved in the act, and how they see people who are related to them.

“I can fall helplessly for a yahoo guy,” Ada enthused, making clear that she cannot say she’s never gonna date a yahoo guy because she hasn’t really found herself in such a situation.

The project manager of Africa’s number one wedding site, Sarah who made it to the show, said if she finds out her boo is a g-boy, she is going to be so so furious, but that she is not going to turn him in to law enforcement agents.

“I will advise him to stop,” she said, with Ada saying she wouldn’t advise any lady to date a yahoo guy.

“What I am trying to say in that, I know a friend who dates only yahoo guys but would never date non-yahoo guys — guys who are broke,” Ada revealed.

Popular comedian, Pastor Runz, however, said ladies are not actually attracted to these yahoo guys, but that they are actually attracted to the money, Ada was of a different opinion as you would find out in the video.

Othuke, also of WeddingGuru, opines that yahoo guys can actually be good boyfriends.

“The guy might have a good character and possess a good personality; he is just being into yahoo.

“He has chosen the illegal path to life; that’s the difference,” she submitted.

The panelists talked about how parents see their kids who are involved in this business. They were so so divided on whether girls stick to their yahoo boyfriends when ‘yawa gas,’ but, however divided they were, they unanimously agreed that #YahooYahoo is a bad business to be involved in.

The video sha tells it all…

Why do we celebrate #CyberCrime [#YahooYahoo] in Nigeria?

Why do we celebrate #CyberCrime [#YahooYahoo] in Nigeria?

Posted by The NewsGuru on Saturday, July 1, 2017


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