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Fans bash Daniella Okeke over alleged intimacy with Apostle Suleman

Curvy actress, Daniella Okeke who is more known for her flamboyant lifestyle than for her acting talent, is in the eye of the storm. The actress is currently being condemned on Instagram over her alleged sexual relations with Apostle Suleman.

Stephanie Otobo, in a recent interview revealed that Okeke  was once in a sexual relationship with the Apostle.

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Her fans have been pressurizing her, telling her to confirm or deny the allegations.

A certain Osahon said:” This shouldnt be a war of words Aunty Daniella. We need facts and figures to clear this impropriety. What business do you do that has afforded you this life of luxury because It is simply not acting. You dont have any endorsement, you act cold and you are not fine but your shape is bad. Lets address this issue and not trade insults. If the person operating the fanpage is your rep then there is no problem. I wanna assist you here.”

In addition another wrote:” Aunty Daniella under the cover of @teamdaniellaokeke pls ans our questions and clarify it true?u ve been ranting since.clear the air.ur sins for sleeping with a married man of God can be forgiven after all u didn’t kill any1.believe after this,u should open a foundation where young girls are educated on good morals because it’s seriously dying in our society instead of collecting a man of God to dash pple.i can be a guest speaker for free.we target jss students.just a humble suggestion from a baby lawyer”


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For Wollex, Daniella should be left alone. Hear him:” Leave Daniella alone joor,u think say that butt is just big for nothing ?No be some guys make an big?Abeg leave this lady ,na im get him body and can pleasure herself as she wants!”

Another fan with the name Lahoro wrote:” I was wondering how she could afford all em flamboyant trips… Flashy cars when shes not Even an A class actress nd always showing off and praising Gods name… I

t just sad and pathetic how people are so vain that they forget morals and good conduct. @rominaabdallah let’s call a spade a spade……stop been naturally stupid and dumb.her new movie title suits her well.advocate for people sleeping with married men.people like you are irreversibly dull headed. You can support her all you she’s the same as Ms Otobo birds of the same feather but don’t tag me again…

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