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Despite IT boom, over 90% of Africans have no Internet access

ImageFile: Despite IT boom, over 90% of Africa has no Internet access

While Internet services have been quite phenomenal in the rest of the world, access to the Internet remains very low in Africa, especially in rural communities, according to the Internet World Stats for Africa 2016.

According to the Internet World Stats, only 9.3% of people across the African continent have direct access to the Internet, and analysts, stressing that the Internet is one of the most important enablers of social development and education, have decried this “backwardness”.

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Dayn Amade, Founder and CEO of Kamaleon, a Mozambican technology startup saddled with the responsibility of helping to solve problems relating to lack of access to much-needed health education and counselling platforms in Africa, has said, “A few years ago anyone who could not read and write was considered illiterate, but today this concept goes further, encompassing people who do not know how to use information and communication technologies”.

Dayn Amade stressed that “In today’s digital world, bringing Internet access to rural communities is a tremendous step in the right direction of social development and education”.

Calling on the leadership of African nations and major stakeholders in the industry to develop innovative and engaging ways of promoting digital literacy, and Internet access to Africans, the Kamaleon said, “I believe technology and digital literacy can contribute to greater effectiveness of civic education campaigns in various communities”.