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Doctor’s suicide: Victim’s mother hopeful her son will return alive

Mother of Doctor, Oji Allwell who jumped into the Lagos lagoon on Sunday evening, is still very hopeful her son will return alive, relative reveals.

Oji, 35, lived with his widowed mother, Mrs. Chinyere Oji, a retired banker, at their Abule Ijesha, Yaba, Lagos home.
He was the first of three children and was not married. was denied access to the two-storey building believed to belong to Madam Oji as relatives appealed that they be left alone.

At the premise, one could sight family, church members, friends and colleagues of the doctor gathered to comfort his disturbed mother.

“Please respect our grief. This is a difficult time for us and we don’t want to make comments on this issue. It is not something to be celebrated. We believe that he’s still alive. God still does miracles,” a man said to be close to Oji pleaded with reporters yesterday.

At the gate were two men who interrogated those entering the premises.

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The men at the gate insisted they did not want reporters on the premises. They said neither the mother nor any close family number would comment on the matter.

“You people don’t know what we have been through since yesterday (Sunday). Please, respect our grief. This is not a case of a grandfather that died and we want to celebrate it. This whole issue has been difficult for us. The mother is up there, not talking to anyone. Not even us who are very close relatives. People have been around her since yesterday so that she doesn’t do anything drastic. She is yet to accept that he could be dead. She doesn’t even accept people’s sympathies and condolences.

“As a Christian, she believes in God that a miracle could happen and that her son won’t die. She believes he’s just missing and would return alive.

“We can’t allow you in. We won’t also comment on it. Not today, not any day. We are not interested in talking about this issue. But I can tell you he’s not the person in the picture they have been circulating online. That’s not my doctor. So many falsehoods have been circulated online in respect of this matter. We are not too pleased about it, but we won’t be pushed to comment.”

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Meanwhile, Officials of Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) and Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) and divers intensified the search for Oji’s body.

By 2pm, divers and marine boats had patrolled 10 miles radius from the suspected point of contact for possible location, said LASWA’s Managing Director, Ms. Bisola Kamson.

“LASEMA’s General Manager, Adesina Tiamiyu, who was at the scene, said it would be wrong to assume the worst for now, adding that they would rather wait till Oji was found.
Tiamiyu, however, noted that the water reaches high tide around the place Oji jumped into the lagoon at Adeniji Adele on the Third Mainland Bridge.

He said: “We are still searching for the body. We have expanded the search to go further than the point it happened. We have told local men around to watch out for any floating body and we have engaged local divers to look around for us. Patrol boats are in the water going round. We would continue to search for him.

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“The family is traumatised at this point and unwilling to speak on the issue. I want us to respect their wishes please. We have established contact with the family and expressed the government’s sincere wishes to them. We would also go back at a time they feel better because we would like to know what happened so that Lagosians and Nigerians can learn a lesson or two from it.