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I don’t need to dress like a ‘Deeper life’ member for you to believe I am virgin – Wini Lazarus


Delectable actress, Wini Lazarus, who has featured in several movies, can be described as a role interpreter with huge potentials. The alluring actress cum entrepreneur,in this interview with TheNewsGuru recounts why she became an actress, venturing into agriculture, being a virgin among other issues.

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What made you venture into Agriculture?


I have always loved agriculture. While I was in the University, Agriculture provided funds for my school fees. So I combine agriculture and acting. I am passionate about agriculture. Agriculture made me who I am today.


How did you get into the movie industry?

I have always been passionate about acting. I was a member of a drama group in my primary school and in my church as well. So acting has always been a part of me.


What sets you apart from other actresses out there?

My authenticity sets me apart from every actress out there. I am always myself.



Have you ever been a victim of sex for roles?

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I am not a ‘Do or die’ actress. I am not desperate . Desperation makes people take advantage of you.


Have you ever been asked for sex in order to get a movie role?

Yes I have been asked and that was when I was starting out in the industry. I wasn’t hungry or desperate when I came into the industry; I was already a big girl


What drives you, passion for your craft or money?


I didn’t start making money from acting for over three years. Now I have paid my dues, I deserve to be paid. In as much as I am passionate about acting, I am also a business woman.



What is more important in a marriage, sex or money?


I think both are very important in a marriage. There won’t be happiness if money and sex is missing in a marriage.You need a man who is sexually active; you also need money to look good. I love my man smelling good. If I had to choose between sex and money in a marriage, I would go for money. When there is money, good sex will come.

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What is your opinion about premarital sex?

I am a virgin; I am keeping myself till after marriage. I don’t need to dress like a ‘ Deeper Life’ member for anyone to believe I am virgin .I am a public figure, I need to look good for my fans.


How do you handle sexual temptations?


Well, I just handle it like every responsible girl out there would have done


Do believe in the usage of sex toys?

I don’t believe in the usage of sex toys,


What part of your body gets you the most attention?

My face gets me a lot of attention. Infact, it’s my whole body. I have a beautiful face, boobs and attractive backside. African men like big bum and boobs and I have them.


Do you intentionally flaunt your cleavage on social media?


No, I don’t intentionally put my boobs on social media why would I do that?It’s just that any clothes I put on, fits my body and it’s always noticeable .You must see it, you don’t hide beauty.

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What is the weirdest message you have ever gotten from a fan?

I get a lot of messages. A fan once told me he would love to get married to me.


What are your favorite qualities in a man?

The man has to be very clean, smell nice and caring. I cannot stand body odour in a man



How did you deal with producers that wanted you to compromise in order to get movie roles?


God has never made me come across such evil minded producers.


Why do you think celebrity marriages crash? 

I think celebrity marriages crash because they share too much details of their marriages with the public .


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