For Buhari’s attention : UK House of Lord’s concern on blood flowing in Nigeria – Etakibuebu

By Godwin Etakibuebu

I am not willing to concede that the exercise of today should be considered as continuation of my letters to President Muhammadu Buhari as the curtain was drawn against that work last Tuesday.

In concluding the series of my letters to the President last week however, I made a promise of forwarding the totality of the British Parliament’s upper House – House of Lords – deliberation of Thursday, June 28, 2018, which bordered on the Nigerian Hausa Fulani Herdsmen Militia’s rapacious blood shedding in Nigeria.

Reproduced below was how l ended my letter to the President last week.

“It is with my greatest joy that I am drawing the curtain on this exercise except to forward to you the contents of the British House of Lords’ deliberation on Nigeria last week for your comfortable perusal. Trust me sir, it will help you to further appreciate my efforts and show of love and loyalty to your very good person because the deliberation details all event about the Fulani herdsmen militia and its modus operandi, ditto Nigerian high government’s functionaries, mostly those in control of security, lukewarm attitude towards the catastrophe.”

It was a complete work on what has become Nigerian’s route to blood shedding, religious undertone of the daily mayhem and the likely collaboration of the Nigerian security apparatus with the killers’ squad of the Fulani militia in prosecuting the heinous agenda. The deliberations spanned into 14 pages, which of course cannot be published in Microsoft Words format, hence the need of attaching it as document.

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As you open the attachment, Mr Presdient, I can only wish you a pleasant reading session, a sacrosanct meditation over the subject-matter and even a more cumbersome and heart-troubling decision-making process on how to put Nigeria right. Yes, it is not going to be easy on you sir, as you embark on the path of restoring normalcy and sanity to a country that has lost its voyage chart into the Ocean of self-annihilation; a metaphor made more complicated by your style of governance.

It is going to be hard on you but has it not be said and justified, through history, that “the hard way is the only way?” That is the philosophy with which l brought all my children up, telling them that “the so-called easy way is nothing but a great illusion” and it has proved greatly advantageous for them over the years even outside the shore of Nigeria. With this in mind, I finally wish you what the late Nigerian Educationist and Reformer, Dr Tai Solarin, wished all his children and those he loved: “may your way be rough”, as you process a rethink of the ideal Nigeria of Justice, Equity, Equality, Peace, Prosperity and Religious secularity.

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Godwin Etakibuebu; a veteran Journalist, wrote from Lagos.    

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