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Emmanuel Ugolee needs your help!

Emmanuel Ugolee is the presenter of the popular TV Show The Gist. He currently needs your help to raise money for his kidney transplant.

He said this on his Gofundme page: “For 5 years I have lived with stage 5 of the chronic kidney disease. With a failed transplant in 2012. Several procedures and dialysis done 3 times a week and numerous complications I have mentally, emotionally, physically and financially been steady hovering around a breaking point.

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Irrespective, I decided to push on and give an attempt at survival my all. With a few well-meaning friends I have carried this burden alone for half a decade at great cost.The will to keep pushing may be present but my body, experts say, is unable to take the routine battering any more. Hence my veins are giving way.

Currently, some major veins close to the heart are narrowing up and making blood circulation irregular, breathing difficult and my upper body blotting. Venous stenosis they medically call it. The immediate solution is to put in a stent in the vein and go for the transplant. Sadly I have no funds to solo push for being alive anymore. I need you please to keep me here

So I plead for your sympathy to be transformed into action on my behalf with supporting this attempt to raise funds for my transplant.


May God bless you as you get moved in your heart to help.




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