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Entertainers should stop glamourizing vices- Okey Bakassi


Veteran actor and TV host, Okey Bakassi, has revealed his anxieties over the disturbing rate of drug abuse and its consumption among Nigerian entertainers.

The comedian said  it is troubling and most people don’t want to talk about it.


Bakassi made this statement when interviewed by newsmen



“It is troubling. In the industry, people don’t want to talk about it so much but we have gotten to a stage where we have to say it the way it is so that young people don’t get the wrong idea and be misled. If we continue to glamourize substance abuse, weed and excessive drinking, we may mislead young people who are looking up to us for direction”.



Bakassi emphasized on the need for entertainers not to use their platforms to glamourize substance abuse.


“I am not criticizing anybody who wants to use whatever they use, to help themselves perform, but what is wrong is wrong. As entertainers I don’t think we should use our platform to glamourize vices. Alcohol abuse is not good; smoking marijuana excessively is not good”.

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