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5 crazy things fans have done to showbiz stars


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While plenty of fans toe the line between die-hard and blatantly crazy, there are fans that have taken things a little too far. Nigerians celebrities have had their fair share of weird experiences with crazy fans.

In no particular order, TheNewsGuru takes a look at the crazy things fans have done to  celebrities.


A fan made an attempt to touch my boobs- Adokiye Kyrian


Imo state born singer, Adokiye Kyrian created a media storm years back when she disclosed that she is a virgin. The architect turned singer who gets her male fans drooling as a result of her sensuality in a chat with TheNewsGuru disclosed how a fan struggled to touch her boobs.

According to her:” A fan once saw me in a public place and rushed to hug me.He also struggled to touch my boobs. I had to dodge that. After dodging, I had to walk away but trust me, it was quite embarrassing and weird I must say”.


A fan embarrassed me in the US- Zack Orji



Veteran actor, Zack Orji in an interview with Vanguard recounted how a fan embarrassed him in the US. The bearded actor revealed that he met her in Washington DC in a super market.

In his words:” Some time ago I was in Washington DC when a lady saw me in a super market and there were a lot of people there. It was unbelievable to her and she said, “Oh my God! I just watched you this morning, oh my God” She started shouting and called the attention of the entire supermarket, “Come and see, he’s an actor from my country, Nigeria. I just watched him this morning!” I begged her to stop and she paid for everything I bought in the supermarket that day”.



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A male fan planted a kiss on my lips- Rita Dominic

Countless fans in the corner of their hearts fantasize and romanticize over kissing their favourite celebrity. Ageless Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic has had her own fair share of  such crazy experiences with fans. She recalled a time when a male fan planted a kiss on her lips.



rita dominic

“Some guy many years ago, I was trying to pass and I tapped him, just trying to say ‘excuse me’ and the next thing, he does a double take when he turned his back seeing it’s me and grabs me and just plant a kiss up my lips and then he screams my name Rita Dominic! I was in shock…what was that? Then my friend just took me away from there.

I’m human, I wouldn’t know, she responded laughing. The thing is, first and foremost I’m quite a polite person. It takes me a while to be pushed. It’s possible that I would have just ignored and smiled since it’s a fan and it was a reflex action. He was just excited to see me. I could have ignored it I’m sure. I found it unexpected and was in shock”.



How a fan embarrassed me in church- Lota Chukwu

Actress, model and Yoga enthusiast, Lota Chukwu in an interview recounted how a fan made her look like a fool in church. Lota Chukwu popular for playing the role of ‘Kiki’ in Jenifa’s Diaries said:”

I remember one day I was in church, it was a Sunday service at House on the Rock. So the pastor said, “Turn to your neighbour and say Jesus is my advocate” and then the lady beside me just turned and said Jesus is my…. ahn Kiki, how is you” and everybody just turned”.

Chukwu attended the University of Benin where she bagged a degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension Services .The svelte soft spoken role interpreter honed her acting talent at  the Royal Arts Academy.



A female fan told me she will love to date me- Ella Mensah

Sexy Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah was shocked when a female fan professed love to her. Ella who is known for sharing her provocative pictures on social media said the lady thought she is a lesbian.

“The craziest thing a fan has done to me? That was when I went to Ikeja Mall. A fan walked up to me and said she wanted to date me because she watched a movie of mine where I acted the role of a lesbian, so she thought I was a lesbian in real life” she told Vanguard.







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