Alleged sexual misconduct: Nigerians react over Timi Dakolo slamming  COZA Pastor


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Earlier today,  soulful singer, Timi Dakolo called out popular pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Biodun Fatoyinbo, accusing him once more of covering up sexual relationship with his female church members.

Recall that the ‘Iyawo mi’ singer had accused Fatoyinbo of sleeping with teenage girls in his church back in 2018.

In several posts on Instagram on Thursday, the 38-year-old musician, without directly mentioning Fatoyinbo’s name suggested he was talking about the COZA preacher when he said, “COMMONWEALTH KO ZION NI..CHURCH IS SUPPOSE TO FIX BROKEN PEOPLE AND NOT CRUSH PEOPLE WHO SHOW UP IN CHURCH NEEDING GOD.”


His revelation has however sparked different reactions on social media.

Read the reactions gathered by TheNewsGuru below

@Bekoda: Why do people like to attack people when the truth is said? should we keep looking when bad things thrive? how long before we have a rotten society? pls let timi speak his truth,if these celebs dont talk,we would insult them,if they talk,we ask them who sent them

@Youngbroken: Religion will be the end of this country… We are the most religious and also the poorest.. Where the fuck is ur religion?

@Tbellz07: He is talking about Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA. The same man that Ese Walters said she had an amorous sexual relationship with. The same guy that promised to give a robust response to her allegations but never did many years after. The same guy that is shamelessly worshipped by some Nigerian celebrities. I remember Ese mentioned that one of his branch pastors called Pastor Folarin was aware of the happenstances because he was not in the least surprised when she reported to him. I’m not surprised to see his sheeple defending him and threatening people with God’s wrath. Afterall, this is Nigeria where we love religion and our pastors more than we love God and where we are religious but not Godly. I am sure some people are telling themselves ” if he really slept with her,there must be a spiritual reason or God must have a hand in it”. Awon eleribu. If you come here mentioning “touch not my anointed”, may amadioha collaborate with ayelala,sango,sopona and orunmila to fire you in good measure,pressed down,shaken together and running over. I am very angry


@Jamitec; Don’t call out people if u don’t have balls, Be like prettymike and Tonto. Mention names or keep quite

@Daddyfreeze: We expect a robust response 





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