Amazing! Pat Ugwu  exposes boobs in Instagram live video


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Controversial actress and dancer, Pat Ugwu  has sparked different reactions over showing off her boobs on Instagram live.

The actress who initially covered her boobs with her arms in the early seconds of the Instalive video, had to let go at some point while saying “I’m just being real”. She also reportedly made the video on Sunday.

The Instagram  live video  has been uploaded on a porn site by an unidentified social media user. The video has already garnered over 4,000 views.


In a chat with TheNewsGuru, Ugwu said: “The way my boyfriend screams during sex shows that men enjoy it more. My boyfriend screams, though I enjoy it, but I think he enjoys it more. For women, at times when men engage in it, it they put it in the wrong place, it pains us. Men enjoy it more”, she said.


TheNewsGuru also recalls that Ugwu once said real men do one round of sex.

“Real men do one round and sleep, but the jobless ones will hit it overnight like they are releasing their poverty inside your honey pot”, she wrote.



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