An actor got sexually aroused acting with me- Marvelous Dominion


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Rising role interpreter and model, Marvelous Dominion is a damsel with the potential to make waves in Nollywood.

The Contemporary Performing Arts graduate of Oxford Brookes University in this interview with TheNewsGuru, opens up on her passion for acting, starring in ‘3some’, a stage play where she had to be nude, amongst other issues.



 I started acting at the age of 16. My first acting experience was almost like an experiment to be honest, that was before I got trained in acting.




I was born here in Lagos State. I attended primary and secondary school here before going over to the UK to study contemporary performing arts.



Criticism that trailed ‘3some’

I starred in a stage play called ‘3some’I was just completely quiet, reading the comments, the good and bad reviews I got from the critics. It was quite interesting to hear their response. I loved it all.



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Nudity in art has always been a topic which people are bias about. While some believe nudity in art is sinful and offensive, artists- me inclusive believe it is a way of expressing the most natural beauty. Stemming from the bible, nudity in art’s origin were dramatic depictions of the early bible book Genesis. Artists saw an artistic quality about the story of Adam and Eve.



Nigerians and sex

Nigerians are hypocritical about sex. It is such a sad thing


Nigerian men and romance

Yes, I think they are romantic, but it depends on where you meet them .There are Nigerians and there are proper Nigerian men.


Future plans

I plan to take on bigger roles, improving in my career and engaging in more bigger and greater things.


Greatest fear

Death is my greatest fear


Part of her body she likes to show of

That will be my thighs


Celebrity crush

Honestly, have none. I am not even done crushing on my boyfriend.


Acting with someone who got aroused sexually

Yes it has happened to me. It was such an awful experience.


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