Arowasaiye suicide: Fresh revelations emerge


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Former Minister of Aviation,  Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to the  demise of Abuja based gospel singer, Micheal Arowosaiye who reportedly committed suicide over inability to pay his house rent.

TheNewsGuru, TNG exclusively reported that the energetic singer committed suicide at on Tuesday, 14th of May, 2019.

According to a devoted member of the church who spoke to TNG on condition of anonymity, the young minister’s death dealt a big blow on the church.

The member noted that the church and the minister’s close colleagues were totally in the dark about what he was passing through.

‘None of us were aware of what he was going through. More so, he recently gave a spectacular performance in one of our programmes. We were all of the opinion that all was well till this happened. Its really sad and the church might not be able to get over this for a very long time. How I wish he had confided in one of us. We could have rally round him at his time of challenge,” the visibly grieved member told TNG.

Fani-Kayode noted that it was wrong for a church to sit by and do nothing when one of its young Ministers cannot pay his rent.
Tweeting via his Twitter handle, @realFFK, he wrote: ““For a Church to sit by and do nothing when one of its young Ministers cannot pay his rent is sad.
“For them to turn their backs on him and drive him into such a state of frustration, despair and desperation that he ends up committing suicide is damn right condemnable. RCCG why?”


Debunking claims that  Arowosaiye was a member of RCCG,the Head, Media and Public Relations, RCCG, Pastor Olaitan Olubiyi, while commiserating with the family of the deceased, said Arowosaiye had left the church before the incident.

He said, “For us as human beings, it is painful that somebody has committed suicide. So, it is not right to begin to say whether he was with us or not. So, we to first sympathize with the family

“The report we have is that he used to be one of the singers in one of our parishes in Abuja. He left the church a while ago to join the Shepherdhill Ministry, where he became their choirmaster. So, as of this time, we cannot say that he was our member.

“Secondly, if he were our member, there is a tradition in RCCG whereby every parish attempts to assist every member under stress. So, if he were our member or minister and had some challenges, he could have approached his pastors.”


In a new development, popular comedian Enenche Enenche stated in his post on Facebook that Arowosaiye committed suicide because his wedding was cancelled by the church.

According to him:”He was supposed to get married recently, but the wedding was cancelled. Reason for cancellation of the wedding even after invitation cards were out according to my findings is that another girl in the choir claimed that he also proposed to her too.Complications from the cancellation of the wedding, coupled with his accommodation issue possibly led to chains of events that led him to committing suicide.

“I still want security agencies to investigate and establish it was truly a suicide, because I still suspect murder.

Could it be someone somewhere is taking advantage of the whole situation and trying to paint “suicide”?

Could it be that he had some information that someone somewhere never wanted it out and wanted him out of the scene by all means?

Could it be that depression made him to give in to strange thoughts and his village people took advantage of the situation and told him to kill himself?That lady that said “he proposed to her too”, should be investigated too.May His Soul find rest!”











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