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Being a Pastor doesn’t stop me from doing secular music – Soul E


Afro-pop singer, Soul E made waves in Nigeria over a decade ago with his velvety voice and his unique sound .

After a stormy breakup with his ex-wife and a strained relationship with his former records label, Colossal Entertainment, the singer relocated to Lesotho to focus on his work as a preacher.

Speaking in a chat with Punch, the singer noted that he has no reason to complain.

“God has blessed me abundantly. I have no reason to complain. God exposed me to people who I never believed I could meet. Working for God opens doors for you. In my church in Lesotho, there are Nigerians, Zimbabweans and South Africans. When God calls a man, he fights his battles and He convinces everyone to follow you. We will be two years-old this month as a ministry. We have almost 300 members. The name of the church is The Evidence Church,” he said.


Asked if he had really quit making secular music, he said  being a Pastor doesn’t stop him from recording secular songs.

“My spiritual life is different from my talent. People always think that once you are doing God’s work, everything that comes out of you must be gospel. My new songs will be inspirational and about love. But my spiritual life is more important to me now than my music career.”



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