‘Kate Henshaw must be out of her mind’-Detective fires back


Renowned Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has been condemned by Abba Kyari, a Nigerian detective who masterminded the arrest of kidnap kingpin, Evans.

Recall that before now, Kate Henshaw criticized Nigerian Police Officers over posing for photos with the detained Evans. Reacting to this, Kyari noted that Kate Henshaw must be out of her mind to criticize the Police.

In his words:”I have been on his trail for the past five years. He really gave us a tough time. I think he is the smartest criminal I have ever seen in my entire life.

“Among all the high-profile robbers and kidnappers we have nabbed, Evans stands to be the smartest. He really gave me headache because we couldn’t track him. That guy is very smart. He never thought he could ever be arrested.”

Speaking on Kate Henshaw lashing out at the Nigerian Police for taking pictures with Evans he said:”Who is Kate Henshaw and what does she know? She must be out of her mind to criticize us.

“Even in other developed countries, people celebrate the capture of criminals and I wonder why she is running her mouth criticizing us when she has never caught a fly in her entire life”.




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