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Consider how much money a man has before dating- Princess Vitarah


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Princess Vitarah is the bold Nigerian American rapper who raps about her sexuality. She shot to stardom after raining praises on her honey pot in a song titled Nigerian P**sy.

The controversial entertainer stunned her fans in 2018 when she confessed that she was sad because her sugar daddy broke up with her.

In a new development, Vitarah took to her Twitter page stating that you have to consider how much money someone has before dating the person.

She wrote on Twitter: “Dating someone based on their looks is shallow. You have to consider other things like how much money they have”.



This has sparked a myriad of opinions on social media.


@Emmanuel:Another senseless she goat.

@Julietiwuno: And dating someone cos of their bank account isn’t shallow thinking??? Mum Jay take note!

@Ucy:Everything about you is shallow so your opinion isn’t surprising

@Bruteforce: For sluts, yes! Women of higher virtue consider far more valuable than you choose to imagine

@Akuoma: If you want,know their account details, a stingy guy is a stingy guy. You can’t pray stinginess out of some people.





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