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Duncan Mighty slams Etinosa over car gift


Afro-pop singer , Duncan Mighty has slammed controversial actress, Etinosa Idemudia  after claiming that she got a car gift from a fan in Dubai.

The singer took a swipe at the actress after she was spotted posing with a white 2009 Toyota Venza.  He also stated that it takes 28 days to ship a car from Dubai to Nigeria.

In his words: “It takes nothing to be real. It takes 28 days to ship a car from Dubai to gidi. Trying to figure out how this car take disappear as Mercedes Benz from Dubai then land as 2009 tokunbor venza….white people please explain the technology behind this magic”.


In her reaction, the outspoken comedienne said she doesn’t live a fake life, adding that she has three cars.

“You people should leave me alone, I am on my own now. I have never claimed to be filthily rich.I have never claimed to be what I am not. I don’t live a fake life”.

Her reaction has sparked flood of comments on social media, with many condemning her for always wanting to be in the news.

TheNewsGuru recalls that Etinosa  recently stirred outrage on social media platforms over her threats to use the Quran as ashtray as she earlier did with the Bible.

The controversial actress went live on Instagram on Saturday and was seen ashing on a Bible while she also labelled a particular verse of the holy book “a scam”.

Her action obviously didn’t go down well with a segment of social media users who wondered if she could try the same stunt with a Quran.


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