Entertainers Speak:  What matters most between love, money, sex


If you fell in love with a poor man would you stay with him because ‘love always wins?’

Is money the only factor needed for a relationship to succeed? The subject matter of love, money and sex always results into heated debate amongst Nigerians and we decided to ask your favourite entertainers what their thoughts are.




Money is great, but not as important as love-Teefah Hassan, Plus size model

I would go for love to be honest. Money is great but not as important as love.Sex is very important but can be thought and learnt. Money is important but wouldn’t sustain in the long run.



Money is important to me in a relationship- Seyi Hunter, Actress

Money is more important to me in a relationship. Money and love are Siamese twins, without money there is no love. Sex is the heart of every relationship, but sex won’t pay bills. No matter how good a man’s head game is or is pounding, If money isn’t an integral part of it, you’ll just be frustrated and cheat on him.



Love cannot pay the bills- Amara Maduka, Actress

UBA Wise savers

Love cannot pay the bills or buy diapers. I would go for money definitely.


Love is the most important thing in a relationship- Peju Johnson, Actress


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This is so hard to choose, but if I’m to choose one, I will choose love. It’s the most important thing in a relationship. Dating a man that has money without loving him won’t last. I can only stay in a relationship for love. If it’s all because of money, I will leave with time. I won’t be able to cope  because love is a beautiful thing



Money will come and go- Adebukola Salawu

Love is more important to me in a relationship. Love is a great interest and pleasure you develop in someone and it has to do with strong feelings. The power of love supersedes the power of money or sex in my own view. Money will come and go if not well managed. I agree to stay with true love .Sex is just a way of expressing your feelings after falling in love.



Money brings happiness- Eniola Akinwunmi, Actress

Money brings happiness to me . You can do a lot of things with money. Money will make me love you and be with you



Love is more important- Seun Ayo Sadiq, Actress

For me love is more important. When there is love, there would be sharing therefore sex will come natural.

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