Erykah Badu supports R. Kelly, says he deserves love


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Erykah Badu, American  soul singer has supported R. Kelly amid pervasive criticism and multiple allegations of sexual misconduct levelled against him.

While some of R.Kelly’s collaborators have disengaged ties with the R&B legend following the airing of the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary, Badu has taken an unconventional stance on the issue, saying she has “unconditional love” for him.

“I don’t know how everybody else feels about it, but I’m putting out a prayer right now for R,” she said during her performance at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.

“I hope he sees the light of day if he’s done all those things that we’ve seen on TV.”

Badu also condemned the outcry against R. Kelly, saying: “What if one of the people who were assaulted by Kelly becomes an offender? We gonna crucify them too?”

Dream Hampton, producer of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, had earlier listed Badu among the artistes who declined featuring in the series.

Following the salvo of criticisms that trailed her mid-performance remark, Badu took to Twitter to reiterate her stand on the issue.

“I love you, unconditionally. That doesn’t mean I support your poor choices,” she tweeted.

“I want healing for you and anyone you have hurt as a result of you being hurt. Is that strange to you? That’s all I’ve ever said.

“Anything else has been fabricated or taken out of context.”


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