Everyone is joining the music industry for the wrong reasons- Femi Kuti


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Afrobeat  maestro, Femi Kuti has said the future of the Nigerian music industry may be “very sad” because people go into the industry for the wrong reasons


Kuti stated that many people are getting into the industry just because of the fame and wealth.


According to him: “We must insist to teach our children music properly or else there will be pandemonium in the industry. Everybody is just about the fame, everybody is joining music for the wrong reasons,” the ‘Bang Bang’ singer said.


“Music is very godly and if it’s not done properly, I fear that we are going to have a very sad future in the industry.”


Kuti also spoke on the drug abuse “problem” in the country, stating that there should be more rehabilitation centres in Nigeria.


“Drug and alcohol abuse is everywhere. It’s not just Nigeria. The great Europe and America, it’s a big problem there too but you see what they do – because they know it is a problem, they have rehabilitation centres. So when you crash, you go into rehab.


“There is a problem now, sensible people will understand there is a problem. Alcohol is a very big problem, we have to start tackling it now or else we are going to be in big problem.”


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