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Fame makes people forget who they are- AY Comedian


Nigerian comedian and filmmaker, Ayo Makun fondly called AY by his fans has opened up on the downside of fame.

The ‘Trip to Jamaican’ actor  said fame makes people forget who they are.

Speaking in a chat on The Gist a show anchored by Emma Ugolee, he said: “Fame has a spirit. It’s good for you to bask in that euphoria, to have fame, be big, and have a larger than like attitude but it doesn’t last. That is what these people don’t understand. Fame makes people forget who they”.

AY also said whenever he is losing it, his wife keeps him in check.

“You get to a position where you are bound to lose it. There a lot of people who don’t know what you are going through but believe because you are in a certain position they must get the kind of attention they need. You don’t need to explain to anyone who you are, who you are is who you are. Whenever I am losing it, my wife keeps me in check”.

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