My family, friends support my work as a sex vlogger- Seyi Hunter


Nigerian actress and sex vlogger, Seyi Hunter has stated that are family and friends support her work as an adult entertainment consultant and sex vlogger.

Speaking in a chat with TheNewsGuru, the graduate of  Olabisi Onabanjo University said: “The first time I saw Porn was a long time ago. I hated it.Who would have imagined that I was going to come up with the biggest porn site in Africa. I just started watching porn in 2017”.

Asked if her friends and family support her career choice, she said:” They support anything I do. You can’t tell someone what to do, otherwise you push them away from you. My family know what I do. We have never discussed it neither have they ask me why I do it. Sometimes I call my brothers for advice when I get stuck or need public opinion for a particular shoot or project. As for friends, my closest friends are my siblings that work with me. My circle is extremely small”.

Hunter also revealed that her partners are not bothered by what she does, adding that she loves open relationships.

“My partners are fine with what I do. I actually cannot deal with people who are not down with my job. Even though they are different, I tell people if you don’t love my job you can’t love me. The men I am dating understand that, they support me.I love open relationships”.

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