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A fan once asked me to marry him- Innocenthia Ihebie


For a role interpreter who has starred alongside big wigs in Nollywood, Innocenthia Ihebie is a rising actress whose depth and amazing acting proficiency will definitely create a spot for her at the top.

For Innocenthia acting has always been her first love. According to her:” I had always wanted to act from my childhood it’s been a passion, I was born for this”.

The bubbly actress who describes herself as a  jolly good fellow says nothing  really prepared her for acting, adding that she has always been ready.

“Nothing really prepared me, I feel like I had always been ready”, she told TheNewsGuru.

Getting to the point where one gets recognized in one’s industry is not an easy feat. She recounts that there was a time she wanted to give up on acting.

“There were times I got tired of acting; I wanted to leave because I wasn’t getting jobs. My passion has kept me going. When I started getting recognized by producers and directors can be termed as some of the giant strides I have taken in my career. The feedback I also get from my fans made me realize that I need to stop going for auditions.



Celebrities are not insusceptible to experiencing crazy moments from their fans. The outspoken actress recounts one of the weirdest messages she got from a man.

“I recall getting a message from a fan I have never met, asking if I am going to marry him. That was funny; someone I haven’t met sent me that message”.

The actress who says she never has a reason to lie says she would love to work with acclaimed actress, Mercy Johnson, stressing that everyone knows the love she has for her.

UBA Wise savers

“I will love to act with Mercy Johnson anyone close to me knows I have a deep love for her”.

While many actors and actresses have said they can’t date their colleagues because they are in the same industry, Ihebie doesn’t see anything wrong with making such a  decision.

Hear her: ”Yes I can date an actor”, she declares emphatically.

Celebs frequently try to paint a glowing picture, but some have come totally clean about how rough breakups can be. Ihebie is not one not to hide her heartbreak experience.

“Yes I have been seriously heartbroken and it was crazy”, she reveals


When asked If she is satisfied with how far the Nigerian government has invested in Nollywood, she opines that they need to do more.

“ I really do not think they are doing enough I think they should do more.”


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