Fans react over death of D’banj’s son


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It is always a tragedy when a parent outlives their child. It will take time for the self-proclaimed Koko master, Dbanj to come to terms with the death of his child, Daniel the third who reportedly got drowned in a swimming pool at the family’s Ikoyi residence.


Fans of the singer have taken to their various social media platforms to react to the news of D’banj’s loss.


While others blamed the parents for negligence, others simply prayed for strength for the family at this trying moment.




Read some of fans’ comment gathered by TheNewsGuru

@Bridalworld: Justification here and there…..Hnmmmm Nigerians ! are we already waiting for the bad occurrence? wonder why we are so quick in judging

@Odeyemi: Nawah o. Humanity is lost. This is not a time to blame anyone cos no one is an expert at babysitting. Never mock a pain you have not endured. Perfection is of God. If you have nothing good to say pls shut up lazy people ?

@Ladyyempress: Can people not just express sympathy, drop words of condolences and say a prayer or two for the departed and be gone? This is such a sad loss and honestly there’s no need for anyone to keep scratching the parents wound don’t be heartless. May God heal the hearts of the parents and console them as they go through this very difficult time???? I cannot imagine the pain??‍♀️?

@Clicktogo1: Now I know why Nigeria can never go forward after ready some

@Vonneian: Everyone of you placing blames are beyond sick in the head. Have any of you been around infant or toddlers. If you don’t have anything nice or consoling just keep it pushing


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