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My father’s funeral reminds me I wont be here forever- Teni


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Truth be told, Teni Nigeria’s celebrated songstress is not your usual Nigerian female artiste.

The ‘Uyo meyo’ singer  doesn’t fit into the mould of what music pundits and showbiz analysts expect her  to be.

Teni who is unperturbed by what naysayers say has stated that she is not moved by people who condemn her for her looks,citing the example of a popular journalist who stated in his podcast that she does not have ‘the look’ of a sexy female pop star.

In her reaction, she said: “That is his opinion. How can I judge a man for his opinion? Hey, this man is not going to kill me, he’s just saying what he thinks about you and is that a crime?” , Teni told Native Magazine.

Teni who is the daughter of Late Brigadier -General, S. O. Apata,  who was assassinated on January 8, 1995 revealed that  she watches her father’s funeral to remind herself that  she wont be here forever.


“I always watch my father’s funeral. It reminds me I won’t be here forever. I need to make sure that every day is productive. I have to follow my dreams and live my life to the fullest by my own terms and in my own way. Not what Joey or my mum wants me to do, but what Teni wants to do. My father was a fearless man; a man that used to chase armed robbers, very brave, a philanthropist. But he’s was laying there, breathless, and I’m like ‘fuck! That’s going to be me one day and I cannot escape this.’ I might as well just face my dreams squarely and say ‘you know what;? Teni is going to do what Teni wants to do regardless.”

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