Your producer betrayed you, not Kanye West-Pusha T tells Drake


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Following the accusation leveled against Kanye West by Drake stating that he betrayed him, Pusha T has spoken out to set the records straight.

Pusha during Joe Budden’s podcast, addressed Drake’s allegation that West leaked the secret about his child with an adult film star.

Pusha T had used the information to condemn Drake in a diss track titled ‘Story of Adidon’.

The G.O.O.D. Music president said Noah ’40’ Shebib, Drake’s long-time  producer, told his lover about the Canadian rapper’s child.


“The information came from 40. It didn’t come from Kanye, at all… 40 is sleeping with a woman, who begins he talks to daily. Five, six hours a day… and ultimately speaks about how he’s disgruntled about certain things, notoriety and things involving Drake and his career, and so on and so forth.

“With that also came the fact that Drake has a child. With that also came the trip that everybody took to go see the child, and bring him gifts, and all this information. She divulged this information. That’s where it came from”, Pusha revealed.


Pusha T noted that he was against Kanye West’s effort to mend fences with Drake over the incident.

The rapper said he told West: “What are you apologising for? You ain’t give me nothing, you didn’t give me anything in regards to aiding in this drama.

“Because of all that, now dude thinks what he thinks. We gotta wear that. The only reason I’m here now is because he was so passionate about the whole M.S. thing. But your friend is the reason why… that’s how it came about. That narrative gotta die, it’s done.”


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