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A guy once asked me if my boobs are real- Enitan Odugbemi


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Rising actress, Enitan Odugbemi has done many films that can pitch her shoulder to shoulder with some of the best talents in the industry.

Odugbemi who is making waves with her ‘Black Bra’ movie has stated that she doesn’t intentionally flaunt her boobs as many people speculate.

The Abeokuta based role interpreter in a chat with TheNewsGuru said:“Am I supposed to be wearing turtle neck 24/7? I don’t dress to impress anyone. I dress for my comfort and satisfaction. And if it’s in a movie I do what’s necessary”.

Narrating some of the weirdest messages she has been sent by fans, Odugbemi said: ”A guy once sent me a message saying ‘Bae are those really boobs or blown balloons? If it’s real I don’t mind whatever it takes I want those. Name your price babe’. A fan sent me the message few weeks ago, I was just speechless”.

The producer of the movie ‘Rado Lomo’ once recounted how a fan once grabbed her boobs.

“Yes, that was at Oxford Street in London. I was at Oxford street to do some shopping so this young man walked up to me and said my face looked familiar. Later, he said he could recall that I am an actress. I smiled and he requested to take a picture with me. I agreed. The next moment, I realized he was trying to touch my boobs. I slapped him immediately. I later realized slapping him isn’t a good thing. I apologized and kissed him. He smiled and now we are good friends”

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