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Why I call myself honeypot- Media personality, Honeypot


Renowned Nigerian media personality and co-host of ‘Entertainment Splash’ on Television Continental(TVC), Olayemi Ogunwole a.k.a Honeypot has opened up on why she opted for the name .

The busty orator who is an indigene of Remo, Ogun state noted that she never knew the name ‘Honeypot’ has a sexual inference.

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In her words: “One of the reasons I love the name ‘Honeypot’ is because people raise eyebrows whenever they hear it and they remember anytime they see me. I have said it like one million times and I’m saying this again, God gave me the name ‘Honeypot, why did I say this? I pray to God about almost everything, I must say. When I was looking for a radio name, I prayed about it and I just read a novel and I found ‘Honeypot’ in it, that was the first time I came across the word ‘Honeypot’, and it wasn’t anything sensual at all”, she told Vanguard.

Speaking further, Honeypot said  her own meaning for the name is the centre of attraction.

“The character used it in the context “this living room is the honeypot of the building” and so this writer was saying it’s the center of attraction. I checked up the meaning and it was actually what he meant, I did not even see other meanings. If I had seen other meanings, maybe I wouldn’t have used the name at all. So my own meaning of Honeypot is ‘centre of attraction’.

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