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I consider myself as a sexy woman- Whykay rap chic


Ogunjimi Elizabeth Adeyinka a.k. Whykay rap chic is a rising rapper whose punchlines and verve stands her out.

Whykay who just unveiled a new song’ Saye’  has worked with the likes of Ycee, Pherowshuz and others.

In this interview with TheNewsGuru, the sexy entertainer opens up on her love for rap, carving a niche for herself amongst other issues




Venturing into music

I have always wanted to be a rapper. I really don’t have an influence when it comes to rap. However I love to listen to M.I, Eva and Vector. My brothers love music especially the eldest .While growing up, he listened to a lot of Nas ,Biggie ,2pac and all. I didn’t even realize I was being influenced .I also love pen and paper ,I love to write . I started with writing poems and articles.



Being tempted to give up

Yes I wanted to give up on music when I was in school because it was quite stressful. There were times I had test same day I had a show. There were times I had to think of how to promote a song with little or no funds .I studied in Ghana so at first building my fan base was hard . Now, I have a lot of fan base in Ghana. My song even topped the charts in some Ghanaian radio stations which got me more interviews.


Biggest price paid

The biggest paid for my music career would be using my pocket money for promoting and recording songs.



Female artistes and the way they are being treated

Record labels these days prefer to sign male artistes because they feel females would release songs and get married. Getting married doesn’t mean you should quit music, especially if you are married  to someone who understands what you do . We also need to be  cut some slack and not be pressured to pay in kind.


On being sexy

Yes I consider myself as a sexy woman. I am beautiful both within and on the outside. I like it when a guy compliments or is attracted to my intelligence I’ll know it’s beyond the physical .Though the physical compliment is a plus.

Inspiration behind ‘Saye’

‘Saye’ was birthed out of the need for me to do something less serious.



Origin of the name Whykay

Whykay was coined from ‘Y and  K ‘taken from my name Yinka! Y- Why ,K-kay .I added rap chic because of the genre I started with.


Entertainers come expensive to maintain as both a wife and girlfriend. How expensive are you to maintain?

If I say I’m not expensive, does it mean I am cheap? Well when I’m with someone I love or care about I’m not an artiste, I am Yinka . I am a hopeless romantic though



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