I didn’t date my husband before marriage- Monalisa Chinda Coker


Soft spoken and unassuming actress, Monalisa  Chinda Coker has revealed that she didn’t date her husband. When her first marriage to Dejo Richards hit the rocks on grounds of domestic violence amidst other allegations in 2009, many thought the talented role interpreter won’t be able to bounce back.

However, years after that horrifying experience (in 2016), the delectable actress found love again in the arms of Victor Coker, who has given the screen diva many reasons to be joyful again.

Speaking on the crash of her first marriage, she said: “I wasn’t in a hurry to leave the marriage, I gave it five years. If the marriage wasn’t violent, I would have stayed. When I had my daughter Tamar, I thought that would calm situations , but It didn’t  and I knew this was not going to stop. Tamar clocked one and the violence didn’t stop . I turned to my church then; they didn’t do anything about it”,she said in a chat with TopNaija.

Asked on how she met her husband, the Lagos Cougar actress said:” I didn’t date my husband before marriage. I am actually dating him as it is. There was no sexual intercourse”.

Monalisa noted that she knew nothing about love as a teenager, adding that it was more of an exploration and adventure to her.

“Then it was just more of an exploration, an adventure. I won’t call it love, I will call it some sort of game that had no definition”.


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