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I don’t care if people underrate my singing talent- Cossy Orjiakor


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Nigerian actress and singer, Cossy Orjiakor means different things to people. While many label her as the busty  and sexy role interpreter, others simply see her as a another media sensation.

Cossy doesn’t’ just get attention and make men gape in amazement at the dexterity of her sprawling boobs, she also gets attention with her voice.


She isn’t just another actress with sex appeal, she has an amazing voice texture.

The actress has been tantalizing her fans with the alluring visuals of her music video titled ‘Faya’

In a chat with TheNewsGuru, Cossy explains the inspiration behind the song.

“What inspired the song is the love I have for a particular guy.I see him around but he doesn’t know the depth of my love for him”, she said.


On why she featured Benson Okonkwo in the music video, she said: ”Benson is a handsome man, a colleague and a friend. He was in town during the shoot of ‘Faya’ so I decided to feature him”.

When asked If she cares about what critics say about her venturing into music, she said:” I really don’t care what people think .I don’t even notice if they underrate my singing talent or not. I recently created an avenue where people can watch me perform life once every month. It is called ‘Cossy  and the girls’. The second edition is on the 27th April. My fans love my music”


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